Mr. Hackle's "Sugippa winding" kebari

Many times I have seen reference to ハックルさん (hakkuru-san) Mr. Hackle, I guess.

This evening I found this web-page, with the title
初めてのてんから!?|天竜川水系 テンカラ釣り
First time Tenkara !? | Tenryu River Water System Tenkara Fishing
With a picture of a kebari with the caption -
Of course a kekari Mr Hackles “Sugippa wound”.
[ btw, Chris L - he is using a Daiwa Neo Tenkara Minomushi 33 rod ]

Clicking on ハックルさん was a link to the g3kebari blog. But is the owner of that blog ハックルさん ((Hakkuru-san) ?

Well, it is. Confirmed by the profile on blogmura:

And right on the g3kebari website it says
プロフィール Profile
名前 : ハックル Name: Hakkuru

Anyway, I’m still not sure what is meant by a スギッパ巻き。(sugippa-maki.) Sugippa Winding.
It appears to be a name of his own creation. Most Sugippa wound kebari are on his blog or on blogs that reference Hakkuru-san or the g3kebari blog.

Here’s a picture of one:

From this May 2015 blog post

Another example from June 2013

And one more from a 3d website Feb. 2015

To find more examples Google
スギッパ巻き・毛鉤 (sugippa-maki - kebari)
ハックルさんの毛鉤 (Hakkuru-san no kebari) Mr. Hackle’s kebari.

What sugippa means remains a mystery. But they are cool looking kebari. And Hakkuru-san ties a lot of interesting looking kebari.

Another 2¢ uniquely named kebari tour.

sugi、cryptomeria japonica、japanese cedar、japan cedar

杉の葉 = sugi no ha = sugippa = 杉っぱ = japan cedar leaves

It has been used for fire starter・・・・Nickname
It is because it resembles a cedar leaf

Southern region of Nagano 木曽=kiso

烏毛鉤 = karasu-kebari = Crow-kebari common, popular, typical


Thank you.
That explains why when I did a google search for 何はスギッパか (nani wa sugippa ka) What is Sugippa?

I found pictures of : kebari, bonsai trees, and camp fires. :grin:
If I had thought to look for a the kanji spelling of “sugippa” I might have discovered the cedar leaves translation.

Maybe a sugippa wound kebari does look a little like a cedar tree.

I recall once finding a website about a kind of fire festival or ritual where cedar branches were burned. I think in the Spring, for a good crop harvest.

I recall finding it while searching for information about cooking rice with a Hangō, Mess kit, (飯盒炊爨)

スギッパ毛鉤 or 段巻き毛鉤 ・・・・・・・・・ Web search name

スギッパ = Fire starter = japan cedar leaves= Leaf shape =Similar shape

I often use it. 飯盒炊飯

Dried Leaf =スギッパ= Nickname


Ah, I found the video with the fire festival. But they are burning bamboo, not cedar.
The video - is mostly about the ハンゴーコンロ! (hangōkonro!) Hangō /messkit stove.
But at the beginning is the Fire Festival.
I have discovered it is an annual event in January - called, by different names in different regions:
とんど・火祭り (Ton do hi matsuri) Tondo Fire festival
左義長・火祭り (Sagichō hi matsuri) Sagichō Fire festival
三毬杖・火祭り (Sagichō hi matsuri)… ?? 三・毬・杖 ( san mari tsue) 3 Cane Cones ??


とんどでも、ハンゴーコンロ!Hangō stove! Also Tondo.

I call this a Karasu-kebari・・・Black Version

Other shapes and colors・・・段巻き(毛鉤) Danmaki-Kebari
It resembles Renegade-fly

Double hackle kebari were recently discussed on tenkara-fisher forum, the renegade-fly was among them. Examples were found on the g3kebari blog.


Japanese dry-fly

段巻き毛鉤 = dan-maki kebari

三段巻き毛鉤 = sandan-maki kebari

Name of general tying method --------- クル巻き = kuru-maki

My region name ------------------------------- 段巻き = dan-maki

Do you catch fish with these kebari?

What is Minoge hackle?

I have never been sure I understand what kind of feather is called Minoge (蓑毛).


dwalker さん

of course

[minoge = 蓑毛]

:grinning: I had to ask.
I have never tied a double hackle kebari.
And have not fished with a double hackle kebari tied by someone else.
Some people who have fished with them did not catch many fish.

It is fun to use various kebari

btw - maybe some of you have not seen Todoroki-san’s original blog.
I had seen it many times before he started the new blog.

てんから伝 剣羽根毛鉤 Tenkara Den Sword Feather Kebari.
[ I have read in a couple of places that it is said - it is a good thing that 剣羽根 (kenhane) feathers are limited in supply, else all the fish would be caught) :slight_smile:

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These are beautiful flies you have tied.:smile_cat:

Thank you. Kookagee さん

My kebari is well to catch an tenkara angler :wink:

You have certainly ‘caught’ this Tenkara angler. I think all the kebari shown on your blog are excellent. You have given me lots of ideas. Thank you.

Thank you davidsr さん

You are welcome

kebari How to operate is fun

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That one buggy looking fly