My Tenkara Journey: 2019

My Tenkara journey started in 2010 when I caught a brook trout in the Wind River Range. Over the years it has evolved, to cover 10 states and 3 continents. I now own more Tenkara rods than I probably should. Because of the events attended, (Oni School, Midwest Tenkara Fest, Tenkara Summit, Bug Out and the Tenkara Jam) I have met many incredible people whom I now call friend. For me The memories of campfires shared, and laughs at foibles and follies, remain long after the last fish is caught. It is a walk along a trout stream with my 5 year old granddaughter, having a grandson, a nephew and two sisters catch their first trout, time spent not thinking about life, just enjoying it. Time well spent. It is not about the fish caught, (still important) but more about the people and the fun we have had together. Thanks to all who have helped me on this journey,
This is a Flickr link of my journey in 2019;


Looks like it was a great year! Have any fun plans for 2020?

Iceland and hopefully Spain and some time in SD, Wyoming, Colorado and Utah. And of course the normal Driftless fishing in Mn, Wisc and Iowa.

Wow, Iceland will be incredible! What will you be targeting? And maybe we’ll cross paths in Utah or Wyoming :grin:

Iceland is for scenery and the the Northern Lights. In Spain I’ll be able to fish a couple of days in the Pyrenees.

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