MYOG: my bamboo rods

crummy pics. it’s hard to get good pics of an entire rod. these are one-piece bamboo. i use various size rope for the lillian. not “correct tenkara” but fun to make. i don’t know what type of bamboo it is. there is a large stand near work so I cut them and dry them in the attic for 6-9 months.

anyone else have a MYOG rod?

the first one is 5 feet long

7 footer

proof that it works


That looks fun. How does the action feel?

it is stiff. probably like a 9:10. when i harvest the bamboo i try to pick out the whippy sticks but when they dry out some they seem to stiffen a bit

This seems like a fun little project. I might give it a shot if I can find the right sprig of bamboo.

do it. be sure to post pics

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