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Over the life of this forum, and under different topics - links have have been made to a Japanese blog -
郡上のテンカラ竿 ( 釣り ) - 長良川と郡上竿の世界
[ Gujo Tenkara Rod (Fishing)- Nagara River and Gujo Rod’s World] -

That had a wonderfel series of blog post about historic rods, lines, hook, kebari, fishing methods, culture, etc. Todoroki-san also frequently references information from that website.

Formerly it was on a yahoo server, you may recognize part of the URL - fk3yi8anpontan/ .
But I just discovered if I click on the old web address, found in an internet search-- I am taken to a Yahoo information page that states the blog was closed at the end of Dec 15, 2019.

While I could be mistaken - It appears the owner of that blog has moved to an ameblo server
New blog name ;

長良川と郡上竿の世界 ディープな世界にようこそ
Nagara River and Gujo Rod’s World Welcome to the deep world

New website , but notice it still retains fk3yi8anpontan/ in the URL :

The content from the former blog location appears to have been transferred to the new blog server, (though I did see a few lost images), as can be seen in this May 2019 blog entry:
郡上竿でテンカラ釣り Tenkara fishing with Gujo rod

Internet searches will still turn up links to the old blog address on Yahoo, but the same content appears to be available on the new server. I probably never noticed it before because when I saw an image that looked like it might be from that blog, I never looked at the server name, I only looked at the " fk3yi8anpontan/ " part of the URL to recognize what blog it was. Anyway, that author frequent uploads a series of post on fun topics, if you like that sort of thing. And I see Todoroki-san and Mangetu-san, both members of this forum, are linked to on the blog.

Mangetu’s blog - if you haven’t see it before, it seems fairly new, not a lot entries thus far, and I haven’t yet quite figured out the best way to navigate it, here is one entry from a few days ago :

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Digitally translated

「鱒竿」`masu sao’ “Trout rod”
There is a “Masusao” as a rod which little is known.

`masu sao’ Episode One

古いテンカラ竿, Furui Tenkara sao, Old Tenkara rods: Old tenkara rods

魚心毛鉤, Uogokoro kebari, Fish heart kebari :
By 鈴木魚心 Suzuki Uogokoro, aka real name - 鈴木寅五郎, Suzuki Toragorō. Fish heart fly (kebari)

For example, this is a tradition fly of the spring (zenmai) body It is the famous Nikko Gorokcho (Goro butterfly?) fly (kebari).

As an aside, …
For a long time, there were rumors that this Suzuki Toragorō was a model of Ayukawagyoshin-san, a fisherman from the manga cartoon " Tsurikichi Sanpei ".

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Thank you for introducing my friends

In that case, I might also introduce two more friends. Sakura and Maru.

However, I do hope that Sakura and Maru are still with you. :grin: But the translation was just enough off that I got the impression perhaps they have both now passed away. If that is the case, my apology for introducing sad memory. :cry: About the only faults dogs have is they do not out live us.

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