Neches River East Texas

Short trip with my son last weekend on the Neches River here in East Texas. Had a many day. Lots of White bass. Killer bugger fished very fast through the top of the water column was the ticket. Lots of explosive top water strikes as fly moved quickly on top. The faster the better that day. Memories for a lifetime.

My rod of the day was the Shimano Keiryu Tenkara ZL 3.5 level line with 3lb tippet.
Son was using his TUSA Hane 4.5 level line to a short size 3 and 5x.



Awesome! I bet those were fun to fight.

Went again yesterday in the evening. White Bass action was on fire! Getting that killer bugger to skim as fast as possible triggered the strikes on top. Moving it slowly through the current produced no results except bluegill. Great fun!


Fished a familiar spot on the Neches River today. Nothing huge , but was a many day. Most fish were caught on euro style tungsten size 14-16 nymphs. Good day.


jeff, where are you located? im in the humble area.

are the whites bass coming out of sabine lake?