NEW - Dark Theme

We have another new feature available. While it isn’t perfected yet, it is certainly usable. Please reply here or send me a PM if you have any problems or notice anything that didn’t get themed correctly.

I have now created a dark theme for the site and it’s very easy to change your theme. As we all have our preferences, I thought I’d offer up a choice for those of you who prefer the darker look. I hope you enjoy it!

Step 1:
Click on the hamburger menu next to your avatar.

Step 2:
Select “Dark Theme” towards the bottom of the list (do the opposite to revert back to the “Light Theme”).

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I’m not seeing a menu option for that…

nor am I

@creekside_robb and @duncanp Give me a few minutes. I see what you are saying and it has disappeared.

As pointed out, the easy way to apply it has disappeared. :thinking:

It’s going to take me more time than I thought to fix it, so I will have to look into it after work.

In the mean time, following are the instructions for the alternative way to do so. They are slightly different on mobile or a tablet.

Step 1:
Click on your avatar, then click on the small gear below it.

Step 2:
In the menu on the left side you will see “Interface” (on mobile or tablet this is a drop down menu at the top), click on that.

Step 3:
At the top, you will see a drop down menu below “Themes”. Click on it and you will see a couple of choices. (For some reason, at this time, “Default” and “Light Theme” are the exact same.) Select “Dark Theme”.

Step 4:
Don’t forget to save your changes!


Dark theme is better. at least it’s more relaxing for my eyes. Thanks :+1:

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Thanks! I agree.

Much easier on the eyes. Thanks!

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