New edition of Tenkara Angler

Another excellent issue of Tenkara Angler magazine is online. Thanks @troutrageous1 for all of the work and another great issue.

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It’s brilliant. I downloaded my PDF copy earlier today. Thank you @troutrageous1

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Happy you guys are enjoying it.
It’s fun to put together each quarter.


Looks like another great issue. Four or 5 of the articles grabbed my personal interest.
I will download the pdf copy soon. Only had time thus far to give it a quick look online.

Left home in late June going to the family vacation house with the plan being to stay 14 ~ 18 days, then ended up staying a month. My only internet access is the local library. Which is pretty limited features and access time. Lots of online stuff to catch up on. Such as the current issue ot TA (and some great stuff on Discover Tenkara too) :grinning:

However, an exciting stay: fishing was always good, the catching not so much: read 15 or so books; took three to 5 mile hikes most days: had two close encounters with a black bear who seems to be hanging out by the GBT (thankfully a male, and not the mamma bear that has been reported on the west side of the radio observatory property going back at least three years), found a tree near the house where a bear has raked the bark off both sides of a tree up about six feet: had an interesting stand off with a skunk, the bear ran away, but the skunk seemed to abide by the “stand your ground rule”, he wouldn’t run away, but also didn’t threaten me so finally I walked past upwind (how far can they spray??), even had a skunk hanging around the house walking about mid day a couple of times.

Fighter jets out of Virginia train over the area, usually I hear them once or twice a week if at all. But this trip they were heard all day even into late at night everyday for two weeks. First time I saw them was on a trip 20 miles away during a run to the supermarket. Where they were scooting along just above the mountain ridge line. Then for two days they showed up doing high and low altitude passes over the observatory, five miles from the house. Quite a sight when they zoom by at 200 or 300 feet above your head. I wouldn’t want to be on the ground if they meant me any harm. :open_mouth: According to the ground crew guys the pilots are prepping to be deployed soon.

Took in some of the activities at the annual Star Quest event and the annual WV Mushroom Club Foray. Nobody to tell me what or what not to do or when. But a phone call from home everyday to see if it’s time to call the coroner, and collect on the life insurance. And it was generally 10 degrees cooler than at home and lower humidity. Not much to dislike. However, lots of things to catch up on since getting home.

Anyway, looking forward to a slower read through of the new TA issue. :grinning: