New England Coastal States Emergency Addendum - Striped Bass

ASMFC emergency action, CT DEEP will implement a new 28-31” harvest slot limit for striped bass effective May 26, 2023. The new 28-31” harvest slot limit that will become effective on May 26th means that any striped bass that is less than 28 inches or greater than or equal to 31 inches must be released without avoidable injury. This regulation will apply to all waters of the state (marine and inland district).

Appears that the fish were heavily overfished in 2022. At least in Connecticut it applies to inland waters as well, not just coastal.

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Too little too late. They should have done a complete moratorium of striped bass years ago.

This is action does nothing. Commercial and recreational will just continue to hammer on the stocks. These are migrating fish, so the minute the fish exit our waters it is open season or different regs.

Catch and release mortality, poaching, the legal slot, and commercial harvesting, will continue to finish the stocks off.


Gee that is such a bummer :frowning::tired_face:. Why does mankind feel the need to destroy so much?


It’s about time. They need a total ban on the east coast for a couple of years to rejuvenate the striped bass population but that will never happen.

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