New Fujino Tenkara Japan Style "Standard" 3.6 m

Fujino line - tenkara - Japan - style - [standard] 3.6m line.

This is an odd new design idea.
Nylon core, 3.6m long coated orange that tapers to a transparent tip 0.6m long. 4.2m total length.
The colored tapered length of 3.6m + 0.6m 1.5 号 nylon clear extension to where tippet is attached, though the clear extension can be cut to make a the line shorter if you want.

Fujino line tenkara Japan style standard 3.6m

Don’t think it’s for me, but might appeal to others.

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Девид,а ты какой шнур используешь? Я пока только Левил Лайн и мне больше не с чем сравнить. Хотя на новый сезон у меня появились несколько вариантов. Плавающий шнур,плетёный.

Most often I use fluorocarbon level line. Size 3号. Sometimes 2.5号 or 3.5号.
Also often fish with Fujino Line Soft Tenkara Line - that is a tapered nylon line, 5meters or 4meters. Or a TUSA version that is 4.5m.

I sometimes do practice casting with Fujino Lone Long Soft Tenkara Line, mostly with 7m or 8m line. Once in a while I will fish with the 7m, but not often.

Mostly I fish with 4.5m or 5m line. Sometimes 4m, or 5.5m line. Mostly with 4m rod. Less often with 4.5m rod. Or 3.9m rod. If I fish with 3.6m rod or shorter rod, I use shorter lines. Mostly I fish with a line length = 1.125x or 1.25x rod length. Plus 0.8m to 1.5m of tippet. Either fluorocarbon or nylon tippet.

Among the lines I use, or have tried are these:

Fluorocarbon level lines 3.0 号 2.5 号 2.5 号 or 3.0 号 3.0 号 3.0 号 or 3.5 号 2.5 号 or 3.0 号 3.5 号 & 4.5 号

Nylon tapered line 4m or 5m Mostly just for practice to try to improve my casting rhythm, maybe once each season I will fish with the 7m length. But mostly I don’t like fishing with a line that long. 4.5m

Zxion straight line - 5m

Furled lines, but I do not use them often, probably have not used them over the last 3 seasons. 3.9m

I also have a couple of fluorocarbon tapered lines I still fish with, they were tied from different sizes of fc line, that Tenkarabum made and sold years ago. I think I have 3 different lengths, if I recall correctly, the longest being 6m.

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Very interesting David, I make a level line with a clear tip. Fujino Ishigaki Level Line is another Line with a tip. I did not realize that an added in tip section was a thing.

I wish I would have read this thread before I wrote my article.