New guest posts on Fallfish Tenkara

Almost a year ago a gentleman by the name of Dwain and I started emailing back and forth about fishing in Japan. Dwain lives in Japan (I am a little jealous…) and was looking for some tips and tricks on how to navigate getting to the water in search of fish. This past season he got out on quite a few adventures (despite the COVID restrictions) and was kind enough to share the experiences with me via email. We started collaborating on a guest blog post or two (by collaborating I mean I shamelessly cajoled him into saying yes :laughing:) a few months back and now they are now live on my site!

Check them out here and here


Wow, your Hokkaido pics are stunning


Awesome pictures and fish. Way to go. I’m still enjoying the Ito / TUSA rod I purchased from you several years back.

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I am glad to hear that the Ito is still serving you well :sunglasses:

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