New life for Keiichi Okushi-san's Genryū stories on DT

Those who frequented the Tenkara-Fisher forum will recall the many Genryū Tales posted by Keiichi Okushi-san.
Discover Tenkara has started a new series of this stories.

First Up - the deeper meaning of what Genryū fishing is.

Keiichi Genryū Addict

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thanks for sharing…that is a solid article!

For the forum members here who were not members of the previous tenkara-fisher forum or just not familiar with it - Keiichi Okushi wrote several Genryu Fishing stories that he posted to that forum. I believe all them were saved on the Tenkara-Fisher Blog.

I think there were 34 of them. Anything tagged with his name are in the “Keiidchi Okusshi” folder on the blog. Which includes other gear chat, Adam’s interview of Keiichi-san, Adam’s 2016 trip to Japan, and other entries, The "Genyryu Fishing of Japan #34 " post is on the 3d page. The earlier numbered Genryu Fishing post found in the ‘older post’ pages.

From what I understand, Keiichi will continue writing for both DT and the new T-F blog. I think the articles for DT will be less “trip report” style than what they are for T-F. I could be wrong. Perhaps @Adam_Trahan can confirm that we will still be enjoying Keiichi on the T-F blog.

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I’m not a fan of bait fishing David.

But I am a fan of Keiryu and more specifically, tenkara.

Here are both areas where Keiichi contributes.

The last time Keiichi gifted us a story was about two weeks ago.

Jay, you got it right, thanks.

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I think that has been introduced the original Tenkara Fishing

Japan is mountain people
But consciousness is strong to avoid eating meat from ancient times
The fish has been in place of meat
Not only to use fish, there is strong consciousness of the idea of revival and coexistence

Wild animals are god
Is the idea that God is present also in the fish
・・・It is an interesting way of thinking

As mental theory rather than religious theory


I am learning more.

Mountain is my right hand, river is my left.


Yes I always did/do enjoy the detailed trip reports that Keiichi does for Tenkara-fisher, they are a great resource. That’s why I was happy that he wanted to take a different (and as a result complementary) approach by talking more about what he and his fellow genryu addicts feel and think about their activities.

For them, the fishing (which is just as likely to be fly rod/reel as tenkara) seems to be only a part of the experience. The more important thing is the effort, maybe risk (and even suffering!) that you put in so that you earn the right to enjoy beautiful and largely untouched surroundings. Climbing/rope skills, foraging and rough camping all come before any fishing can happen!

The appreciation and veneration of the wild landscape (and the plants & animals that live there) is the over-riding thing.

It is fascinating to compare that genryu ethos with the ultra-technical angling focus of honryu/keiryu addicts - where access to fish is often less gruelling (but the increased angler traffic puts way more pressure on presentation refinements).