New Site feature

For those who do not know or haven’t noticed yet, a new feature was recently added to the site. I’ve added a feature to simplify sending private messages.

1. In the upper right corner near the search button and your avatar, you’ll see an envelope. Here you can quickly and easily access your PM’s.

2. When someone sends you a new PM it will show up there.

3. When you click the envelope, you’ll see a drop down of all of your PM’s, including a notice showing you which ones are new.

4. Clicking on your new message opens a dialogue box with your messages (somewhat akin to SMS messaging) to and from that individual.

5. If you wish to write a new message you will see “New Message” at the bottom of the drop down.

6. Click on “New Message” and a blank dialogue box pops up at the bottom, where you can add one or more user and send them PM’s.

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Thanks for all your outstanding work on the site.

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