New Suntech Field Master

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but in addition to the two new tenkarabum rods, that Suntech also has two new keiryu rods. One of which is a new Field Master rod. If nothing else, I particularly like what it looks like, but I wonder how stiff and beefy it will be. It also seems that they have removed the Suikei GMR Special 36NP from the page.

@CM_Stewart can you possibly tell us anything about this rod?

The rod is the Suntech Field Master Long. It comes in two stiffnesses “H” and “2H”, with four lengths of the H version (4.5m, 5.4m 6.3m and 7.2m), and three lengths of the 2H version (6.2m, 7.1m and 8.0M).

Similar the the Kurenai Long, the collapsed length is roughly twice the length of the standard models. For the Field Master Long, the collapsed length is 41 or 42 inches. If you are not backpacking or if you do not fish with multiple rods held in a backpack or sling, the longer collapsed length is not a problem, and the lighter weight and smoother bend profile are advantages.

I have one H 63, but I have not been able to get it outside to try it. I can say that it is more full flex than the Kurenai Long or the Field Master II. It is somewhat similar to the Suntech FMX 硬調 (what I call stiff) 62, but it is lighter at 135 grams compared to 160 grams, and it is rated for a stronger tippet (3.6X compared to 5X). Overall it is not as stiff as the FMX 硬調 62, and is even very slightly softer and slightly more mid flex than the Keiryu Sawanobori.

Some people will fish the H 54 with one hand and some will prefer two. The H 45 will be an easy one hander and the H 63 will definitely be a two hander.

Even though I have not had it outside yet I can already tell that I will like it a lot. I have ordered one of the 2H 63 but it hasn’t come yet. I anticipate ordering some of the H 45, H 54 and H 63 next week.

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Thanks for the detailed info Chris! Sounds like a fun rod. I may consider that to replace my FM-X.

I really like the GMR Special and I have a new one in reserve. One of my handiest rods for sure.

love the colors on this rod, and it sounds very nice

I’ll get a couple of the 45, 54 and 63 either Saturday or Monday. If they come on Saturday and if Sunday isn’t too cold or too nasty I may be able to provide a short review early next week.