New Tanuki Rod

I was browsing the Tanuki site as I am wont to do (still lusting after the XL-1) and noticed a new rod that I wasn’t familiar with, the Tanuki Pocket Ninja 290 (9 ft 6 in). Basically a shorter version of the other Pocket Ninja (335 cm/11 ft). It looks like a preorder situation.

People seem to really like the original Pocket Ninja, so a version in another length makes sense.


I have the original PN which I ordered during the Kickstarter campaign. It’s a very nice rod and very compact. The rod behaves exactly like a tenkara rod that has longer sections. Normally, short section, compact rods have a tendency to be somewhat stiff.

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Looking for a ultra packable rod. While in the process of shopping for the Tanuki Ninja Pocket rod (original 335 version), I just discovered that 290 version @TenkaraAddict posted about.

I can’t find any info or review on that 290 version of Tanuki pocket Ninja rod…
Has Someone here tried it and can share experience / advices or have found some relevant information about the rod?

Thanks in advance