New tenkara shirt to raise money for first responder therapy scholarships

Hi everyone,

Just posting this here - if anyone wants a new tenkara shirt for the summer, check out the link at my webpage listed below. All profits are for the purpose of providing scholarships to uniformed service professionals or health care workers who either want to attend intensive EMDR therapy (with or without fly fishing) or ongoing weekly therapy. The shirt is kind of nice looking too, so you can feel good and look good.

The Kanji spell “seiyu”… which is not the department store in Japan, but meaning “sincerity” in this sense. It is also the first two kanji of of childrens’ names put together to make that word - so it’s personal to me. The kebari was hand drawn by my sister in law. There are lofs of shirt types and colors to pick from… and you can even get coffee mugs.



I ordered 2 shirts. Thanks for letting us know about the shirts.

Thank you! Care to snap a picture of yourself in it? If so then I’ll post it to my practice’s IG page @seiyu.emdr

Thanks again and be well!


I ordered one too :smile:

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