New Tenkara USA UKIYO

Well this looks interesting. Anyone else get the email? Love the look of the rod


@tenkaradave Dave, I ordered one right after I saw your post. This rod looks really cool with the blue color. It may take awhile to get it due to the Christmas rush. Thank you for letting us know. After this, I received an email from Tenkara Angler talking about the rod.


No cork grip?

Oh the amazing irony :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I just ordered one myself. It looks like it would be fun to fish with and I don’t have any Tenkara USA rods yet. Comes in next week. Eager to try it on some of the small streams around here.

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@Dwebb Dave, great to have you join. I hope you will enjoy the new rod. I hope to receive my this Friday. It looks like you already have a good assortment of tenkara rods. There is a lot of info. provided on this site and many experience anglers that can help you if you have a question. Take care and enjoy the journey.

Hey Mike, thanks for the welcome! I should get the Ukiyo tomorrow. I hope you enjoy fishing with it as well. Yeah, I’m a little obsessed in collecting tenkara rods lately. I have a Yari coming in as well. Early Christmas present :gift: I noticed all the great topics on here. Looking forward to learning more. I just started Tenkara 3 years ago coming from a traditional fly-fishing background. I instantly fell in love with this style of fishing. Have a great week and fishing season.