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I want to thank everyone who has joined the forum so quickly and jumped in with both feet participating. It’s really great to see.

We’ve got great discussions started already and in my opinion, the more users we have, the more our discussions and knowledge grows. Thanks again and I’m excited to see you all here.

P.s. If you’ve been lurking in the background, please join! I’m sure you have something to add to the conversation! Besides, it’s easy with Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or email.

Great site! Thank you for starting it!

Thanks for joining us @JeffR. Glad to have you here and look forward to your participation.

Really liking your site, thank you for all your hard work.

My pleasure. It’s been tons of fun. Besides that, I really didn’t want to see a place like this lost; although I completely understand the reasons why T-F is changing. I want to keep have a place to keep the conversation and learning going.

Thank you for approval
thank you for all your hard work.
I look forward to it
I’m sorry I can not talk in English
Let’s have fun together kebari and tenkara
From Japan Nagano

Tenkara-kebari is changing with the fly material as well
I think that this was due to the influence of fly fishing
I was an old tenkara angler but changed.
I would like to give back to everyone

Welcome to our newest member @todoroki34 from Japan! He wanted us all to know that he has a blog about kebari and fly tying. Check it out!

日本からの私の最新メンバー@todoroki34 へようこそ! 彼は、ケバリとフライタイイングについてのブログを持っていることを私たち全員に知らせたかった。 見てみな!

Greetings from the UK, thanks for setting up the forum and looking forward to joining in with what goes on here!

Thanks for accepting me on this forum.
I’m a beginner on tenkara. I don’t have any history in western flyfishing. For me is direct jump from spin fishing.

@Horia and @russfx thanks for joining us and I hope that you enjoy your time here. If you do enjoy it, please share the forum with your tenkara friends near you. The bigger diversity we get the better this place will be.

Bine ai venit @horia. Acum 20 de ani am trăit în România, predarea limbii engleze. Din păcate, am uitat cum să vorbesc limba română, pentru că nu cunosc pe nimeni care vorbește și trebuie să utilizeze un traducător. Sper că poți afla mai multe despre tenkara aici.

Wow, way cool. I just now noticed this. I kept thinking that Todroki seemed familiar. Now I know why.

I’ve been aware of and reading the - kebariandfly blog for about 1.5 years.

And today 10ColorsTenkara - is linked to in the latest kebarandfly blog post.

Thank you Todoroki34.

Thank you for introducing me to. . .

You are welcome.
It is fun having you join 10 Color Tenkara forum.

Hi! I’m Kohei. I’m new to this website.
I’m in Fukuoka, Japan.
I started Tenkara from 2015 thanks to the books by Mr.Sakakibara and Dr.Ishigaki.
I watched movies about Tenkara by anglers around the world.
Also I started again to learn English from 2015. I had stopped to learn English for 10 years, so I’m still not so good at English actually.
I’m glad to meet you on this website and talking about Tenkara.

Kohei さん


Thank you for joining this forum @CoffeeKohei! Welcome. We are happy to have you here and sharing your tenkara experiences. Please feel free to post in Japanese, but also post in English (as best you can or using a translator in the same post. If you have other friends who like tenkara, please share with them too! Thank you again for joining us!

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Okay I will use the google translate, and I will try to post in (my poor) English.

Fukuoka, where I live, has no Tenkara targets, Iwana Yamame, or Amago.
For Tenkara I have to go Kumamoto or Oita, next to Fukuoka.
However huge earthquakes happened in Kumamoto and Oita last year unfortunately.
So I couldn’t go there last year. I will go there for Tenkara this year!

Poor English is just fine. My English is often poor and my Japanese is 1000 times worse! You are just fine - please do not worry!

貧しい人の英語は大丈夫です。 私の英語はしばしば貧しく、私の日本人は1000倍悪いです! あなたは大丈夫です - 心配しないでください!

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Thank you for adding me to this site.
T Gandolf