NH adds Tenkara offically to "Fly Fish Only" waters

The rules excluding Tenkara from New Hampshires “Fly fish only” waters expired this year and were up for review. I know a number of us here, and those of us who attended the White Mountains Tenkara Campout contacted NH fish and game about changing the language for “fly fish only” waters. I recently got this reply in my email:

Thank you for your comments on the proposed re-adoption of Fish and Game rules Fis 400 Sections – Freshwater Fishing Rules.

Please be advised that we have included the following new definition in the Final Proposal of these rules:

(u) “Tenkara” means a style of fly fishing that uses flies, a telescoping rod of bamboo, fiberglass, or composite material, and a short length of line without backing. This line is attached to the tip of the rod. The rod does not have guides or a reel seat.

The entire Final Proposal may be found on our website here: Proposed Rules | Legislative | New Hampshire Fish and Game Department (state.nh.us)

These rules will be in front of the Joint Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules for approval at their August meeting. We expect these rules to take effect September 1st.

Thank you again for contacting our offices.


Sadly the wheels of bureaucracy roll slowly but did it really have to take this long to make the correct decision!!! It’s about time. Mike, I am happy for you and the other NH tenkara anglers.


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