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I have made at home several recipes from NHK World

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Peter (Varacan or Baracan, I’m not sure how to spell his last name) is a British guy who host some of the NHK World food, and culture videos. Many of them can also be found on YouTube generally with the Japanology or Begin Japanology label.

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I have found Japanese style croquettes to be quite tasty.
和風コロッケ・レシピ (wafū korokke reshipi) Japanese style croquettes recipe.
There are many variations of ingredients, and methods making them.

Several of these recipes recommend Bulldog brand Tonkatsu sauce, or Tankatsu mixed with some ketchup. Which is good.

However - The first Japanese Korokke recipe I made gave this recipe for the sauce.
I found it to be pretty good. Good on other foods too, And a good alternate to Tonkatsu, now and again.
2T Mayonnaise
1T Whole grain mustard
1T Apple cider vinegar
1/2 t Sugar.

The recipe for the Korokke was:
4 Medium potatoes, red or yellow
1/4 lb ground pork
1 Medium onion, minced
1/4 t salt
1/4 t white pepper
1T Soy sauce
1T Mirin
1/4 t Brown sugar

Unfortunately, I seem to have not written down the website or video where I found it.

コロッケソースおすすめ ( korokkesōsu osusume) Croquette sauce Recommended

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