Nissin Fujiryu Tenkara 6:4 - 330

If you get this rod you’re going to love it. It casts both kebari and beadheads with great accuracy. The cypress handle is shorter than on most rods but I really like it.I have mine set up with a 3.5 level line and so far it has handled everything I’ve hooked. The picture is from yesterday.


I have the 360 version of this rod and it’s brilliant! It’s quickly becoming one of my favorite rods, for the same reasons that you state. I also just got the 5:5 version of the 330 rod. I’ve only done a little practice casting, but it’s amazing! I hope the weather cooperates so I can get out and use it.

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Same here…love it! I was surprised how comfortable the wood grip is too.

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I’ve been so impressed, that I’m also going to purchase the 360 5:5 version. Thanks to Dr Tom for his review and insights on the rod, as well as Tenbum’s write-up. I need to quit reading those…

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Finally got a chance to try the Nissin Air Stage Fujiryu Tenkara 360 5:5…SMOOTH & EFFORTLESS. It is an awesome rod and I love the unique grip.


I like the two that I have so much that I now have a 6:4 410 on order. I think it will be a great rod for some of the bigger water/fish that I frequent when I’m not hiking into the wilderness. I just love how the grip feels and fills the hand, in addition to the casting and balance of the 330 and 360 that I currently have.

2 Likes on 06/24/24 received their “new arrival” inventory of many of the Nissin Airstage Fujiryu model Tenkara rods. I ordered the NASF 4110 6:4 . Absolutely infatuated by this line of Nissin rods.

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