Nissin questions

ive saved up my milk money and im wanting to buy a nissin super pro square. i think ive decided on the 360. what i can’t decide on is the action.

most of my other rods are 6:4. so i was thinking about a 7:3 or 8:2. i dont catch alot of big fish, but i have caught some 22” largemouth bass and i know the waters i fish have fish much bigger than that. plus its going to be white bass season in a few months and i will need to fish heavier flies much deeper.

anyone have any wisdom on the matter?

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All my rods are Nissin so I’ll chime in here…
But, I do not have, nor have ever casted, that particular model.
Nissin rods are largely super light and very smoothly flexing. There’s no reason to believe that particular model varies from that pattern.
Given your intentions I’d go with the “stiffest” but realistically I’d give serious consideration to something designed for carp. I would suggest an email to Chris at Tenkara Bum for his input. He never steered me wrong when I was getting serious about tenkara…

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i did a bunch of reading today and I think I’m going to go with 8:2. just reading the penny ratings on tenkarabums sight, the 7:3 360 is 17 pennies and my dragontail mizuchi is 18. the 390 8:2 is 37 pennies so the 360 would be a little less. it is not specifically listed but the other prosquare rods get stiffer as they get longer.

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the truth is tho that i will probably end up with one of each at some point :innocent:


well, i ended up ordering a nissin pro spec 2 way 360 7:3. bought it on amazon. looks like its shipping from japan. delivery date september 14.

I think that is a good call. As a point of reference, targeting largemouth with a fixed line rod is out of my wheelhouse, but I have years of experience fishing for them with rod and reel.

There are aspects of swinging a tenkara rod that make the experience more enjoyable. In general casting experience is pretty high up the list for me and I tend to like rods in the mid twenty range and lower. The thing to note is that for trout, I cast a lot, so that priority may be different for you.

One thing about largemouth is that they dont tend to spook easily and are not lineshy so you can probably go with heavier lines amd heavier flies. Longer rods might be worth a look as i feel they are good for to absorbing short runs that bigger fish like to take. The reach of the rod and its length gives more resolution to throttle pressure on a fish. With a short rod you may need to move more with the fish and absorb surges with your body and position. When I say longer rods, I am speaking of rods in the 450-500 range.

I think the rod you picked will be really fun to take on bass…also if you get a big one a real challenge to land.

Have fun!!

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i typically like shorter rods, but i can see what you are saying about longer rods. i guess i will just have to pick up a 400-500 to try out. problem is that most the places i fish make a long rod very difficult when i am on the bank or wading. if im in my kayak or float tube that changes things.

my pro spec order at amazon got canceled. a few days later I got a back-in-stock email from tenkara bum that a nissin super pro square 320 6:4 was available. so I purchased the pro square from chris. i really like this rod. first time out I caught one of the biggest sunfish I’ve ever caught.

it was a pleasure doing business with chris at tenkara bum. fast shipping and good communication. with the amazon order it was fuzzy pictures at best and a 45 day shipping estimate.

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Glad it worked out for you after all.
Chris is someone I can recommend without reservation for any and everything tenkara.
His contacts for products from Japan, especially in this era of disrupted supply chains, are invaluable.

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ive been fishing the nissin for 2 months now and it is so nice to cast and so light. it has handled several 13"-15" largemouth bass and a ton of sunfish, even a few cichlids. now im looking at what my next nissin rod will be. i found a lightly used 450zk for sale. i think im gonna snag that one for the coming white bas run.

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