Nissin Tenkara Level Line Rod

I’m surprised no one has mentioned this rod yet. It appears that Nissin has a new rod, although I’m not sure how “new” it is as I haven’t looked at their website in quite a long time. I know @dwalker is often very quick to notice these things, so maybe it’s a rather recent development.

I haven’t done a search beyond their website, so I don’t know a lot. And it looks pretty inexpensive, comparatively.

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On December 18th, 2018 the troutnews website listed two Nissin rods: the 宇崎日新:レベルラインのテンカラ竿 [Nissin level line tenkara rod, and the 宇崎日新:『TENKARA MINI』のテンカラ竿. 25cm (9.8in) collapsed length with 18 sections or joints ( 18継数(本).

Both were posted as new products on the same day, Dec. 18th, on the Nissin website.

The Nissin Ramon [宇崎日新:テンカラ 羅門 (ラモン) 7:3] also has the new tag on it. But I think it was released Oct. 2017. However, I could not verify that date.

Otherwise the only new tenkara products I have recently found are:
New kebari set on the Daiwa website. Actually it shows release date of Feb 2019. [2019.02 デビュー ].

And the TUSA tenugui

TenkaraUSA Tenugui

Twice in the past I have ordered items from the Oni-shop, Twice included with the items I ordered was a piece of beautiful pattern fabric, about 13.5 x 35 in (34 x 90 cm). I wasn’t sure what they were. I assumed they were just kind of a courtesy gift. Perhaps a bit of fabric left over from making a rod bag. Now I know what they were, a tenugui.

Tenugui ( 手拭 / てぬぐい) are kind of mini version of a furosshiki cloth. With many similar uses.
If you are not familiar with Furoshiki (風呂敷 / ふろしき) . It is cloth folding, basically cloth version of what Origami (折り紙 / おりがみ) is for paper.

Japan Objects - What is a Tenugui? Complete Guide to the Japanese Handkerchief

Pinkoi - How to Use Beautiful Japanese Tenugui in Everyday Life

You may recall occasionally seeing pictures of Sebata Yūzō wearing one as a type of hat. As shown on the below webpage.

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I blogged about it a month ago.