Nissin Tenkara mini foam handle

For those who prefer a foam handle to cork or just want to save a few bucks it looks like the Nissin tenkara mini now comes with a foam handle option. This may be old news but it is the first time I have seen it.
I don’t know what the EX stands for. Anyone care to translate?

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That’s really cool, I like foam handles. It’s great that they are doing so many options in that line.

It looks to me like the Nissian Mini EX is custom order from Sansu, and only available from them.

The Mini EX is not shown on the U-Nissin website under their list of tenkara rods.

And the most recent update on their website I can find for the tenkara mini is from Nov. 6, 2019, Which I think is when they added the 3.6 m rod.

Depending on how you translate it. The statement on the Sansui website seems to mean it is a custom order by their shop.

In our shop
Grip from cork to EVA
“We have specially ordered the modified model” EX “.”

An internet search with " 日新 テンカラ ミニ 竿 変更したモデル「EX」を" the only place it finds the EX model is on the Sansu website. I think it is a custom order or so new a model it isn’t yet turning up in internet searches elsewhere. Amazing you found it. :wink:


Not really amazing, I check out their site every now and then just to see what they have. I have been trying to locate a specific rod lately and thought I would see if they had it (they don’t). That is when I stumbled on the mini. If it is a custom order it seems funny to me that it is cheaper than the regular, non-custom one.

I wonder if they have a deal with Nissin and are the only store that sells the lower priced “Sansui exclusive” model? Now that I say that, I suppose it would be too much of a coincidence if EX stood for exclusive. Certainly that would be lost in translation.

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