Nissin Tenkara Mini

I know there is a aversion to short rods, but the new Tenkara Mini sure looks good. Nisshin Tenkara Mini

At 330 it’s not too short, yet is extremely packable. Does anyone have any experience with this rod?


I don’t have the Nissin Tenkara but I recently took delivery of a DRAGONtail Talon of similar length, etc. I really like it and may be worth your consideration. Needless to say Dr Tom Davis has done a review - Teton Tenkara: DRAGONtail Talon Tenkara Rod -- review


Tom’s review is about exactly what I expected of this rod. A Nissin 7:3 is unfortunately faster than I like in a rod, even if it is useful in a lot of realistic situations.

I still may give into temptation and grab it if the opportunity strikes, as I REALLY like the portability and compactness of it.

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Generally 7/3 is faster than I like too, but as my capabilities increase I’ve found that I can and do like the faster rods in certain situations. Faster current, areas where short hook sets are important. But I do prefer a 6/4. I think it is worth a try.

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Looks to me like this rod is all about the need for having it super small when not extended…not about a short extended length. If that compact size is top priority for some of your fishing then it sounds fantastic. If you don’t need a rod to scruntch down to 25cm and you can get away with say 40cm then there are more options.


Good point. Most places I go I can carry a standard length rod, but there are many times a smaller pack size would be great.

Well crap ordered one, thanks Tom!

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Well I guess I am too late. I just wanted to clarify that 40 cm is still much smaller than standard rods. At the 40 cm zone you have TBum traveler rods and Shimano Pack Tenkara. TBum rods are Tip flex keiryu rods but offer multiple extended lengths and are robust. Shimano Pack Tenkara is more mid flex, can be fished at 300 or 340 and is robust. Those rods easily fit luggage back packs etc. Tippet ratings for TBum might be 6.5x but I would not be too worried about using 5x


Oh your not too late, I hear you loud and clear and agree with everything you said about the pack size of rods. I guess the Tenkara Mini just has a novelty about it that interest me. Also for me I rarely fly, when I talk about packing a rod it’s day pack hiking. Where again your point isn’t lost on that aspect of a packable rod.


Should have the rod by the weekend hopefully and have a perfect hike I would like to try it on, pictures to follow.


Mine came today but I wasn’t there to sign for it.

I will have to wait for Monday.

In the mean time, I’ll revisit my Mini V3 days. I developed this kit and used the rods for a year before I took it to Japan last time. Looking at my notes revealed nothing. I really liked traveling with it and more importantly, fishing it. The 270, Noah caught many 18”+ trout on, it was Jedi training for sure. He learned touch with it.

But your thread on the Mini?

I’ll join you soon enough.

Monday, the fun begins.

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Well went out for an hour and have a good first impression. First thing is the action is surprisingly good for a rod with 700 sections. It’s definitely on the 7:3 side and could be why I had a few issues at first. Casting the rod is really nice, I was using #3 floro 3’ of tippet and a small bead head fly. Hooked up almost immediately and lost a small brown, the another and another, lost 6 fish before I finally got one to hand.

then realized I really had to be careful with my hook sets, I think I was setting slightly too hard. After this I started landing more fish. meanwhile still loosing a fair amount too.
Overall I really like this rod, it’s by far the best small pack size tenkara I’ve fished. Action is good, the rod feels substantial enough to stand up to my brutish ways. I will test it more tomorrow, weather willing.


oh look cute little rainbow with par marks!


I love that kit, very inspired. Today I carried my line, tippet, and 4 flies



Great post.

I like the way you hid the rod behind the feesh.

There is a reason why you like this rod.

I know the reason why I like this class of rods, they are not toys and at the same time they are.

From the link: I believe that this configuration of rod is the future of Tenkara rods, especially for anglers looking to maximize the attributes and minimize the bulk of a Tenkara system. Rods that are light in hand, easy to cast, catch and carry, rods that will go anywhere in your pack or traveling with luggage, their compact size no longer an issue of how or where to carry them.

I wrote this in, ahh can’t find it. A couple of years ago.

Rods in this class are the Furaibo zoom and the Kongo. I would almost say the Hane.

I enjoyed writing about the V3, it’s going to be a blast finishing that idea. I thought the Furaibo would fit the bill but I wince every time I would reach for it to pack it in my bag. The Hane fit the bill for a while but it is just not the action and aesthetics I want.

The little details of the rod are.

I want 700 sections and everything that goes with that.


Here is my short rod collection in order of extended length.


I have had quite a few short nested rods!

I only own one now, the post office holds my other one hostage.

In 2010 I started advocating the use of short nest Japanese rods.

For me, I like that Japan has a rich history of designers, users, engineers of excellent rods.

Thank you for sharing! I like the direction you are headed.

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when I don’t have pockets I’ve been playing with lanyards.