Non-Telescoping Tenkara Rod?

A bamboo - graphite - glass rod builder in a local western FF forum asked me for information about tenkara rods. I provided some links to articles about wazao rod building. He actually built a beautiful hybrid “Frankenkara” rod, using bamboo with a fiberglass tip section. He’s been doing some winter lake fishing at a small lake near me in his pram using chironomid flies and catching some sizable fish with it. The discussion made me think about recently seeing a article (in this forum or a @TenkaraAddict @Kris.Franqui video?) that mentioned an all-graphite or glass non-telescoping bamboo analog tenkara rod built in the wazao style with sections and ferrules? Was I dreaming or does anyone have any recollection of this?


Wasn’t me…sorry.

Was this the article?


Yup, Thanks!!

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