Northeast blueliner

There are days when the river is just full of life. Such a strange thing the river and these trout. I often wonder how it all works. My buddy Matt and I each had about 50 to 100 fish yesterday on this one particular wild river. A sort of day where fish count was meaningless.

Come summer, this water becomes a trickle. I wonder where they go and how they survive. They are a tough bunch.

The fishing was such a joy…and so many that i would often see the take and drop my rod tip to let them escape.

The fish were about 3-7 inches in length. For their size they were all scrappy fighters.


What a Beautiful Stream, brook trout and photos! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and thoughts…Karl.

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There is only one word that describes this place; Awesome!!!
Wow, thanks for sharing. This looks like some of the mountain streams in Virginia.

@Gressak, looks like a lot of fun! were you using the Royal Stage? Are you willing to share what kebari you were using? I am hoping to get out this week. If I have even a fraction of the success you had I will be very happy.

Thanks guys. These are the days that motivate us. In the northeast this is unusual but in other parts of the counrty it is the norm. It reminds me of a day I shared with Peder in Colorado last summer. We are lucky to have those opportunities.

@TenkaraOdyssey Yes, i only fished the royal stage. What a wonderful blank. My flybox is pretty simple. Half the fish were on a gold,herl, and dry hackle…then to test i put on the shetland oyster and dry that you can see in the pic. I dont think it mattered this day as Matt was using a pattern i gave him three years ago…just a red body with a brown soft hackle.

At some point i will do a thread on my flybox. It is both boring and deliberate.