Now on Twitter

Thanks to a great suggestion by @anon85570673, 10 Colors Tenkara is now on Twitter! In so doing, a couple of new things have been added: 1. You can now login to the forum using your Twitter account (in addition to the other options). But please do not create multiple logins! If you prefer one method over another, I am happy to help you switch, just PM me. 2. All of the Latest will be pushed to Twitter to spread the discussion and the word about tenkara and other forms of fixed-line fishing. If you are so inclined, also please use tags as it will help us spread the word about tenkara.

Very Cool! I saw some of the posts populate to twitter (thanks for the follow BTW).
Seems to tweet the topic title, and an image (if applicable).

Would guess if you wanted to use twitter hashtags, you’d need to include them in the title as you create/name a new topic. Twitter doesn’t appear to be picking up the forum tags as #hashtags.

Thanks for noticing. It does indeed tweet those things. I wondered if it wouldn’t pick up the tags from the forum because they aren’t hashed. The next time I start a new topic (or anyone who does), I’ll add the hashes and see if it works. I’m just happy to push more about tenkara out there.