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What do you guys think about adding a off topic section? May a lounge or causal area for members to have slightly more personal chat? By the way feel free to shoot me down I’m not thin skinned.

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agree, especially if it can be un-moderated (or much more loosely moderated)

Sounds like a great idea. I vote yes.

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Might be a good idea as most people here have many other interest and sharing some of them with others might broaden general awareness of other activities. I often see an off topic section on larger forums with many more members than here. And there are many topics that just don’t fit in the other hobbies section. However, these other forums might have more resources to monitor it and insure it doesn’t get out of hand, which it could with poor judgement. Or just result in loss of focus of the primary reason for this forum’s existence.

As a charter member of iOS, (institute of Odd Studies), I have many oddball interest that may or may not interest others. :open_mouth:

Two examples:

Just yesterday I discovered on youtube an interesting 90 minute talk by George Dyson (son of Freeman Dyson) to the Long Now Foundation, which I had not heard of before, though the organization was founded 23 years ago. With the goal of slowing down rapid change and to think long term into the future, how will decisions made today effect events seven or more generations into the future? They’re even building a 10,000 year clock in E. Nevada. George after becoming satiated with his research into and building of Aleutian Baidarkas has turned his attention to the effects of computers on society. I’ve read his books, Baidarka & Turing’s Cathedral - the origins of the digital universe. Today we can not only write computer code, people an also alter DNA with the help of computers, yet even in the 1940s, 1950s, the people at IAS were already concerned about what could happen if the two life forms, computers and living DNA, became conscious of each other. Having created the atom bomb, they were well aware mankind might lose control over their creations. Mary Shelly was ahead of her time with her concept of Frankenstein’s Monster.

George’s talk was based on his research of the papers at the IAS, Institute of Advanced Study, John von Neumann, and the IAS machine. The tension between the theoritical people, and the guys they didn’t want there, the people who actually build electronic gizmos. Fun stuff about how computers were developed, and the fact the basic architecture ideas reach all the way back into the 17th century. Did you know that Edward Teller, Leo Szilard, John von Newmann and a couple of other really bright, polymath, type guys, all attended the same high school in Budapest?

If you’re interested:
youtube George Dyson, a Long Now Foundation talk

I’ve also had a long interest in the migration and populating of the Pacific islands. Mostly because I was living on Oahu in 1976 when the Hōkūleʻa voyaging canoe made its famous voyage to Tahiti using the centuries old navigation techniques provided by Mau from the Caroline Islands, one of the last men who still knew this ancient knowledge. That and frequent visits to the Bishop Museum in Honolulu. How did they did they do it, how do we know how and when they did it?

A new book was just published this year, which I ordered yesterday. Sea People - the puzzle of Polynesia.

Anyway, that’s a taste of the off topic kinds of things that catch my attention. Maybe others would find them interesting too. Or not. Or I might find other’s off topics of interest also.

However, this is Peder’s decision to make. He’s the owner and admin with limited time to maintain the forum. We ought not ask too much of his time. I’m fine with whatever he believes is the wise way to go. :smile:


Thank you to Mr. Peder and Mr. Walker.


Off topic is a good place to really get to know someone outside of our shared passion. I’ve been a moderator at several sites for years, it’s not an easy job especially at really busy sites. So I understand Peders responsibilities and respect whatever route admin decides to take.

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It is important to be civil and polite at all times. Even when we disagree on something we all can still be respectful to each other. This is why I enjoy this forum so much. But like Todoroki-san and Mr. Walker said, it still has to be approved by Peder.


Hi everyone. Thanks for the suggestion. Here you go.


Says there is an error.

It looks like it’s working for you now, correct @sparrow?

Yes it’s working great, just need people to jump in and participate!

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