Okimono (?)

ISO information on this. Was ‘brought back’ from South Pacific during WWII.

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I used to have a couple of those when I was a kid; wonder what happened to them?

Thx Peder. Any idea of original purpose, other than a paperweight?

Haha. I would venture to guess that those are actually netsuke (根付) and not okimono, just based on their size. Okimono are generally bigger.

Maybe @todoroki34 or @CoffeeKohei could help educate us?

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Every bit helps, thank you.

It is an excellent insight :smile:

“Netuke” is a practical men’s accessories
Lucky charm keychain or Accessories keychain

Thank you.


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Peder beat me to the Netsuke (根付) suggestion.

Try an internet search for 根付と印籠, netsuke & inrō. The inrō being a small box, perhaps a tobacco box. Held by a cord passing behind the belt, and held in place by the netsuke on the end of the cord above the top of the belt.

Additionally I wonder if it might not also be a Hotei netsuke, (布袋根付) ?
Google wants to translate it as cloth bag, but Hotei seems to also be a name for the Budai or Laughing or Happy or Traveling Buddha. A poor traveling monk might well have carried his possessions in a cloth bag. And that name appears to have been the nickname of the man in folklore.

Also try an internet search for 小さい石布袋根付, small stone Hotei netsuke.
The phrase in English also works well too. Maybe better than the Japanese phrase.


The image at the top of this webpage about feng shui looks somewhat like the one you have.


”布袋様 根付” Japanese website search name

God who brings happiness


Happiness brought to you

Good health
Good luck General
Good relationship
Child treasure
Married couple (husband and wife friendly) · Family satisfaction
Luck charm
Personality rise


Ah ha, more clues. Thanks guys.

Practical explanation

“Netsuke” is caught in the waist belt

Rhomboid “Netsuke” is


I should try that. Might work better than the spring clip I currently use. And nothing to break. I often like old ways solutions.

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Explanation of English

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Interesting explanation of their history.


That website might be able to identify the original piece that started this forum thread via their contact link.
Maybe their contact link will let you send pictures or after initial contact maybe they will provide a way to send pictures.