"On the Water" rig

G’day team,

Haven’t had a chance to hit the streams in a while, so I thought I’d share my current on the water rig for my fixed line fishing expeditions. It would also be great to see some other rigs from other users.

First of all, this is not a purpose designed tenkara rig, nor is it a specifically designed fishing rig. It is in fact a rig which I repurposed from my former time in the military. It used to be my pistol belt, and carried some ammo and two harmonicas whilst in Afghanistan. I now have no need for the weapon, however the harmonicas are still used.

For this fishing setup, I’ve used a few different modular MOLLE pouches. There is a mix-match of patterns as the pouches spanned my career and the various camouflage changes the Australian Army went through. It has also been supplemented with a small civilian hunting pouch, which is conviently MOLLE compatible.

The good thing about MOLLE pouches is that they are modular, and can easily be changed to suit different needs. I’m usually not out on the water for more than a few hours at a time, so at the moment this is what I carry.

The thing I like most about this setup is it didn’t cost me anything, save for the additional hunting pouch. Another thing I like about this rig is it keeps my upper body free from carrying anything, which is good because you don’t feel bulky when wearing warm or wet weather gear, and it also means I could carry an additional backpack If I decided to go on an extended expedition.

What kind of on the water setup do other people use? Either purpose designed or improvised.



Here’s mine. A Gossamer Gear Hip Belt Pocket. Medium I think, or Large.

Once in a while I will tote along a Tamo, but not often. That’s it.

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After numerous rucksack, etc I now use a Patagonia Atom 8litre sling shoulder bag, which carries all I need, including a small water bottle. Sometimes I use only a small pouch which carries two fly boxes plus spare lines. The pouch slips on to my belt or I can fasten it to my sling shoulder bag. See photo.
My small telescopic landing net clips on to my shoulder bag,

When fishing I tend to carry just one rod but occasionally I may want to have at least two. I use this rod bag, which will also take my net - http://tenkarastuff.com/shop/product/tenkara-carry-all-bag/
At just under US$ 8 it is good value.


Excuse the “line holder”, but hey at least it’s a Daiwa!

IMG_20170406_120555 by Chris Lynch, on Flickr

I alternate pretty evenly between this lightweight hip pack and my Atom Stealth (also Patagucci) sling. Great bags, and you can find them real cheap on sale when the new year’s colors come out haha.

If i’m just doing a quick jaunt down a stream, ditch, or to a pond, I’ll take the hip pack, one or two fly boxes, a T-USA “Keeper” with two different level lines on it, and I’ll generally have at least spools of 5 and 6X tippet. Nippers and hemostat (Derf Needle Driver- thank you @Adam_Trahan for the suggestion, i love them). Here you can see my Daiwa folding tamo as well. With my sling, I shove it in the water pouch on the bottom.

Most places i fish are either close to car and don’t need to bring water, or the trail follows the water and i use a filter of some sort (i have… 4? 5?) to just drink from the stream. I hate carrying water.

If I am using the hip pack, i likely won’t have a spare rod. If I’m using the sling, I’ll carry one rod and have another sticking out the bag.

You called me out huh.

The derf is it.

Nice rig, but I don’t do that any more.

Hope to meet you one day.