One Hundred Mountains of Japan - Kyuya Fukada

This classic of Japanese mountain literature by Kyuya Fukada has recently been translated into English by Martin Hood, a Swiss fellow. I’m almost done with his translators notes ( 40+ pages) and so far it’s a very thorough introduction with lots added to the original content as far as background information. I’ve only climbed two of these peaks (Omine-San and Aso-San) but I hope to summit many more while I’m in Asia and this book already has me inspired and working on my tick list for the coming summer season.


I like to read old travel narratives. I thought a book recommended under that title was interesting.
Mountaineering and Exploration in the Japanese Alps. by Walter Weston. A 2005 reprint of a book written in 1896.

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Weston is discussed in the book I’m reading and Yes that is his classic that introduced mountaineering to Japan.

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