Oni school

Is anyone from 10colors planning on attending the school this year? I will be there!

Yes I am going. Can’t wait!!


Where are you coming from? Are you planning on camping or hotel?

I’m so excited, I had some training from Rob Worthing and he’s the main reason I decided to go. Besides I heard this is Masami’s last US trip. He’s 80+ and still amazing. I’ve been practicing my cast daily and feel like I’ve improved. But I still find my casting getting sloppy as I tire and become complacent. Sometimes I become so entranced with my environment I loose focus on serious fishing. I often think of a book I read early in my life by Herman Hess, Siddhartha, the section about the ferryman, listening to the river to speak.

Disappointed to read this will be Masami’s last trip, if true.
Though it’s a long shot it would ever happen I liked to think one year the stars would align just right I could manage to go.

I don’t think Masami is 80 y.o. I think he is my age, 67. (or 68 if his birth date is early in the year)

I once saw his profile on his old blog, that I recalled gave his full birth date. I was surprised to see we were born on the same date.

But I saw that date when I was less adapt at reading Japanese than I am now. I’ve tried to find it again to verify whether I had translated the date correctly. But I have never able to find it again. Perhaps I completely read it incorrectly or maybe he was advised for security reasons to remove his full birth date. I only know he was also born in 1951. At the Oni school - If you find out he was also born the day after Christmas day in 1951. Tell him I wish him a happy birthday on our shared day. :wink:

You may be thinking of Sebata Yūzō, who I think was born in 1940, 79 y.o.


You are correct!


From Mr. Sakakirara:

"How many years has passed since I met them for the first time?

John, Rob and Erik from Tenkara Guides visited me in Japan, this was the first time I met them, and they attended my Tenkara class.

Since then a lot of wonderful things have happened to me.

I could not even have had imagined that I who just knew rivers at the country side in Japan would travel to the United States to teach an Oni Tenkara School at Sundance Mountain Resort in Utah. A resort owned by my favorite actor Robert Redford.

That was wonderful happening and I have been able to meet a lot of charming Tenkara loving students.

Full of thankfulness.

But the time passed, I am getting old.

It is extremely hard on my old body staying in a hotel room and fishing all day under the sun on hot summer days.

My dearest American friends, this year’s Oni school is the last one and I will not be able to do Oni school in the US.

I’m retiring from Oni school in U.S.

This is the very last school in U.S.

So, now on I can meet you all in Japan.

I hope this year’s Oni school will be wonderful one which is 5th year memorable one, I am already very excited.

And I hope a lot of students will attend this last school.

I love to show my Tenkara to all of you.

I love to catch fish at natural river with you.

This is my Tenkara.

I appreciated each student whom I have met at Oni school during these last 5 years.

Thank you very much,

Masami Sakakibara"


I’ve always said that outside of planning a trip to Japan to visit with one of the masters, the Oni school is the best way to learn tenkara.

I wish Sakakibara san all the best.


Well I head out today, 8 1/2 hour drive to Provo, I will try and post some pictures.

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rod choices for the week.

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pre school fishing




The experience about what you expected? Or several pleasant (or otherwise) surprises?
Were you part of the first class or in the second class?

First class, absolutely life changing. Oni is an artist as we all know, but what is less known is he is humble, kind and thoughtful. We spent quality time every day working on technic, thoughtfulness of fly placement,action. I was invited ( as with all serious tenkara Angler’s) to come to Japan and fish with him. It was an eye opener to technique and possibilities of tenkara.

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Way cooool. I doubt I ever make it to Japan. A missed opportunity. Not only to met Oni, but to also answer the mystery if we were both born on the same day, or did I just translate his birth date incorrectly the day I happened to see it on an online page, or thought I did. But I have had a busy summer often occupied with interest other than tenkara.

Anyway, thanks for the report. Should be a good experience to reflect back on in the future. :smile:

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There appears to have been a changing of minds from that plan. A reconsideration. New motivation. And a decision to return again in 2020.
Either the TG are very persuasive or Oni is pretty sure we need more proper instruction.



At the school this year Oni said he was so impressed with the increased ability and enthusiasm for tenkara that half way through the class he decided to come back. He also seemed to have fun, and comfortable, always serious but yet extremely witty, joking, jovial.

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I’m glad he’s coming back. The 2020 Oni School will be my 4th. Incredible learning experiences.