Oni-tenkara site hacked or crashed?

I’ve been wondering if anyone else has not been able to access the oni-tenkara web site?

Three days ago I checked the Oni blog. The most recent post was about what Masami has written for Daniel Galhardo’s forthcoming Tenkara book. Expected to deliver later this month. But for the past two days the site is inaccessible. This is what I see when I try to open the site.

I’m thinking either their server has crashed or the site has been hacked. With recent problems caused by hackers I’m leaning toward thinking it’s caused by the mischievous undesirables.

Has anyone else been unable to open the site?


However, the Tenkara no Oni Shop is functional.


Hoping it’s just site maintenance gone awry… :worried:

The Japanese page below worked fine for me on my mobile this morning.


Yep. Worked for me this morning too. Sorry, I need to be more patient. In the future I will wait at least four days before posting anything similar. Or not at all.

Haha, no worries. It’s not a big deal.