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I am creating the first wiki on this forum and hope that it will be a resource for everyone.
If you wish to edit the wiki please follow these guidelines:

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  • Please do not delete entries made by someone else. If you have an issue, correction, etc., please add a reply to the bottom so the original person can make the change (unless you own the website, then see below).
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  • If an entry fits into more than one category, please do not list it twice. Put it in the most relevant category. For example, if someone sells tenkara gear, but also has an associated blog; what is the primary purpose? Is it sales of equipment or a blog?
  • If you do not want your website listed for any reason, please contact my via PM and I will remove it.
  • If your website has been listed by someone else and you feel it should be under a different category, please move it to the new category and then leave a reply at the bottom indicating that you have done so.
  • Please do not add, delete, or rearrange categories. If you feel a category is irrelevant or is needed, please say so in a reply at the bottom to get the input from others.
  • Please do not rearrange entries within a category. They will be listed on a first come, first listed basis and are in no specific order or preference.
  • When you edit the list, please state the reason in the appropriate field on the edit box.

These links are being provided as a convenience to the online tenkara community; they do not constitute an endorsement or an approval by of any of the products, services or opinions of the business or organization or individual. bears no responsibility for the accuracy, legality or content of the external site or for that of subsequent links. Contact the external site for answers to questions regarding its content.

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Please do not make any edits above the line below.


Teton Tenkara

Tenkara Fisher Blog

Tenkara Talk

Tenkara Enso

Tenkara no-oni (Japanese)

Tenkara no-oni (English)

Small Stream Reflections

Of Rock and Riffle

Dr. Ishigaki’s Website (Japanese)

Tankara Ajari (Japanese)

Ka-tenkara (Japanese)

Tenkara Pro (Japanese)

Tokyo Paddle Freaks Outfitter (English & Japanese)

テンカラ.jp (Japanese)

Go Tenkara (Japanese)

Tenkara Duri (Japanese)

Kamihusa (Japanese)

Pechika (Japanese)

テンカラライフ :テンカラ入門, Tenkara Life : Tenkara Introduction

テンカラ入門 Introduction to Tenkara - Sakufu Sha/Publisher

How to play tenkara (Japanese)

Tenkara Kenchiku (Japanese)

Fish & Co. (Japanese)

Oshika Tenkara and G man’s notebook (Japanese)

Tenkara Kebarai (Japanese)

Gorky tenkara fisher (Japanese - last post 2014)

Utsunomiyakeiyukai (Japanese)

Mush’s retreat (Japanese)

Headwaters of Kawahara (Japanese)

Keiryu Ushi (Japanese)

Tanidoraku (Japanese)

Ochanoma Tenkara (Japanese)

Hiromichi Fuji’s blog (Japanese)

Tenkara Rods & Gear


Kebari & Fly Tying Supplies

Feather Craft

Firhole Outdoors

Other Reading

Discover Tenkara (UK)

Mountain Fishing Magazine (Japanese)



Daiwa Rods





Guiding & Other Services

Tenkara Guides LLC

Miscellaneous Resources

Yoshikazu Fujioka

Tenkara on Social Media

Appalachian Tenkara Anglers (Facebook)

Tenkara Videos

Shimoda Kazuya videos (Japanese)

This is an excellent area for helping us get background info. and
keeping up with what is new. A BIG thank you for this section. :smile_cat:

Mike ><)))))*>

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Here are two additional tenkara blogs to add to the list. I’ve never seen either of them previously, but they were recently recommended by Dr. Ishigaki in a post that he made.

The following was also recommended by Dr. Ishigaki in a recent post. It is directly from Shimano and seems to be a curious (in my opinion at least) mix of product marketing, blog, and intro to keiryu fishing.

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Thank you again Peder for these resources. :smile_cat:

This list is missing one, not mine but it’s still missing a big one.

This post is a wiki @Adam_Trahan, so anyone can edit it (as stated in the OP). Did you add the “big one” in? If not, can you let is know so we can?

I have no belief that this will ever be complete. But the more people that add to it the better it gets.

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It’s ok to miss it.

It’s just interesting to me what is important to people.

Adam. I am interested in what “big one” is missing? I don’t think a big one is missing because it’s not important to people, maybe it was either overlooked or people are not aware of it.

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The post is three years old.

For me, three years is forever ago, so much has happened in the development of tenkara.

I did enjoy my own comment though, especially since all of what has “happened” here in relation to “me” but all that really doesn’t matter in the scheme of things.

…and to be perfectly honest, I’m not so sure what was important for me to comment about. I actually forgot why I was commenting on what was missing. It caused me to think about where “I” was at three years ago and to look at the list a couple of times and try to guess what I was writing about.

I don’t recall, I thought it was but the software is reminding me that it was posted in 2017. I went back and reviewed the list and caught it the third time, yes, it is there.

I’m pretty methodical about things and I’m human, if you punch me, it hurts and I usually overthink things but in this case, I think I was illustrating the simple, there will always be something missing for someone and it’s ok. You can’t please everyone, you just have to please yourself.

Or something like that.

Three years ago, whoa, man, time flys.

may be mine that was missing?

I don’t see it above?

I have spent way too much time on this.

But I appreciate your reminder Jason.

I think my web site was missing from the list. I think I was saying, “mine is missing” and I am butt hurt about it.

That’s probably it. I put in my web site and it wasn’t on the list.

At this point, I don’t really care anymore.

I’m so over who did what, to whom.

I’m just going to do my thing and have fun and not worry about it.

It’s best that way.

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Now that I think of it, I think it was my web site that was missing.

I’m not commercial, I don’t even make money from my web site anymore. I don’t ask for donations, I just do it for fun. For some reason, I think it is fun to get people together from all different angles and see a whole perspective of something.

My web site was attacked by a malicious hacker that wrote some sort of code that was introduced into my web site. At the time, I had a interactive forum that was popular and it was like the third time I was hacked. Instead of hiring people to fix it (wasn’t ever making enough money to do that or was it worth any more of my own time and money) I just said, “eff it” and thought about how I was going to insulate myself from malicious people.

What I came up with was a blog format.

So I started to recover, slowly, one by one, the stories that I had amassed.

Michael Agneta offered to help me. He and I, one by one, took all of those stories and put them back into a format that GOOGLE would protect. What I would tolerate no longer was a forum because that was where the trouble was for me.

THIS forum came to creation because my web site: interactive forum went offline.

My web site was missing here, on this list and I was pissed because of the obvious.

I was teaching myself at the time about people’s behavior online, how to insulate myself from this stuff. With the help of social media, I’ve finally figured it out because it is still going on but I no longer care.

I just care about what I care about and that’s usually just the facts.

Now you know and now I remember.

3 years!

Not too bad.

I’m excited about the new fishing season.

The big one is now added in.

Thanks Peder.


Three Rivers Tenkara has closed its’ shop.

Thanks for the clarification, Adam.
Sorry, did not notice it was from 2017.
I was mainly curious about the motivation/rationale for purposely excluding a resource.
Just a friendly reminder that direct communication will get you further than being passive-aggressive.


Passive - aggressive is a buzz term for sure.

Nothing surprises me anymore and I am where I want to be.

He still has rod parts available if you need something but Three Rivers will surely be missed. He is a great guy and his block ink prints are awesome. I’m sorry to see this happen.


Just as a reminder. The first post on this thread is a wiki. Anyone with a certain user level had the ability to edit it and add things or change things.

Additionally, the Tenkara Fisher blog link is the fourth one in the list of the original wiki post and the edit history shows that it has been in the list since it was created in 2017. The same is true for TUSA (it’s in the middle of the list).

Many things have changed since this wiki was first created and could likely receive many edits to actually bring it up to date.


I’m glad to read this.

I put in the link: and it populated with a square box…

I owe you an apology.

I must have been butt hurt by something else. The devil is in the details.

The best compliment I can give you is me spending my time here. If I’m here it’s because I enjoy the site. Time is precious to me.

Take care and thank you Peder.


Me too.

Anthony is a good guy. I finally got to meet him. If he doesn’t want to do it, that’s his decision and I respect it.

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Mr. Adam explained very well
Enjoys his work
I am grateful to my friends for helping me re-learn history from the books that remain in Japan.
Thanks to this wonderful forum and friends.