OwnerTV Mr Katsutoshi Amano. American Trout Challenge E. Sierrias

伝統釣法テンカラで挑むアメリカントラウト~ 絶景イースタンシエラを川の名人が釣る~
American trout challenge with traditional tenkara fishing method ~ The spectacular Eastern Sierra with the Master of river fishing ~
In Japanese only, except for a brief bit near the end of part 2 when Amano-san, I think, tells a couple of people that Yes He knows Daniel-san.

Two Movies : #252 【PART1】& #253 【PART2】
Each is about 26 minutes in length. I think I liked part 2 a little more, though part 1 has more views. Oddly on the Owner website the view counts are 46 & 49, but the YouTube count is much higher. Part 1 showing 1,227 views & Part 682 views. . Part 2 has better views of the rod, and bit more kebari winding.

Lower & Upper Owens River, Hot Creek & Bishop Creek for those who are familiar with the area.

Below are links for both parts to both the Owner TV website and a direct link to the YouTube upload. The Owner TV website provides more information describing the videos.

The rod used is only listed as a rod only for tenkara. Of 3.8m. My guess is that it is a Gamakatsu rod. Because I know Amano-san was once a Gamakatsu rep. The rod color does not appear to be Gamakatsu colors. However, the rod clearly has been modified with a wooden grip, and though the rod sections are not any Gamakatsu colors I recall seeing before. Some sections are visible that appear to be Gamakatsu colors.

#252 【PART1】
放送日 2016年8月6日 Broadcast Date Aug. 6, 2016
天野勝利さん。御年72。Mr. Katsutoshi Amano. 72 years.

#253 【PART2】
放送日 2016年8月13日 Broadcast date August 13, 2016

As an aside. Following a link from the Ishigaki Tenkara Blog.
I discovered. Mr. Katsutoshi Amano’s birthday was celebrated during a tenkara gathering on Nov 19th.
本日は天野さんの73歳の誕生日‼️ Today the 73-year-old Mr. Amano’s birthday!

Hope I am still around and able to travel about fishing if or when I reach 73 y.o. :grinning:


In part I, Lower Owens, it looks like a Shimotsuke Ten or Mai rod with a longer handle. You can get a good look at the markings at 9:53. It looks like my Ten, but with a red band near the handle. Therefore it must be the Mai. Both the Ten and the Mai are gold rods with those exact accents bands, and they are both 3.8 m rods.


A friend of mine in Japan shared this video, I like it.

I enjoyed Amano-san’s video. I was able to do a brief conversation with him for “Tenkara” magazine, it was fun.

But I enjoyed the video of him in the Owens Valley and the Sierra. At the end of the video, I see that he is munching on Onigiri and commenting that he is friends with Daniel (Galhardo) which I think was pretty cool.

Amano-san is one of the oldest tenkara anglers out there, a real cool dude.

Tom, thank you for your keen observation. You are quite right.
It is confirmed on the tenara-oni blog, and it is right on the Shimotsuke website.
Tenkara rod by Tenkara celebrity Amano Katsutoshii Professional Supervision.

Shimotsukeor Mai medium tone 3.8m Tenkara Rod

Amano-san is given the same credit for supervising the Ten rod too.

I don’t recall seeing before that Shimotsukeor has a New Tenkara Rod.
MJB てんから源 7: 3調子 2.4/2.7/3.0 NEW
MJB Tenkara Source 7: 3 tone 2.4 / 2.7 / 3.0 NEW

Mountain stream · Clear flow rod source flow [Keiryū Seiryū Roddo Genryū]
A short pole model that attacks Ozawa.
[ I’ve never figured out an accurate translation of what 小沢を, Ozawa, is. Other than a tight mountainous stream area]
It is not a Triple Zoom rod, rather it is available in 3 different lengths.
So new the specification table is not completely filled in.
Shimotsukeor Tenkara Source 2.4/2.7/3.0 Rod

Their rods / products are not always called Shimotsuke or Shimotsukeor.
Sometimes I see them referred to as - OOHASHI RYOGU, 大橋漁具, Ohashi fishing gear.
You will see that name at the bottom of some pages on the Shimotsukeor website.

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Interesting. I just discovered that these rods are sold on Amazon under a different name.
魚釣三昧 ( Uotsuri zanmai) which seems to translate as Fish - Fishing - Ambition, though I’m not sure if 三昧 should really translate as ambition. It’s literally 3 昧: 3 preferences, 3 desires, and google will also translate it as : friendly or spree.

Whatever the name should translate to in English.
I wonder how common it is for tenkara rods made by one manufacturer to be also sold under a different maker’s or marketer’s name?

Maybe fairly common for low cost rods, as these are. If you look at them on Amazon the front of the box is labeled てんから 源 魚釣三昧 . But if you look at the zoomed image of the rod description you can see the Shimotsukeor website listed along with the parent company name - 大橋漁具株式会社 [ Ohashi Fishing Equipment Co., Ltd.] and with the same Shimotsukeor JANコード {JAN Code] number.

魚釣三昧 てんから 源 240 - アマゾン (Amazon)
魚釣三昧 てんから 源 270 - アマゾン
魚釣三昧 てんから 源 300 - アマゾン

amazon co jp 魚釣三昧 てんから 源 240

If I search the shimotsukeor website for 魚釣三昧 the search results reports that are 0 out of 190 data applicable, there are no applicable items.The name is not admitted on their website.

190 件のデータのうち0 件該当しました。
該当するものがありませんでした 。

I noticed a couple of days ago Chris Stewart is now offering the 2.4 meter version of these rods.
Funny timing sometimes.


Frequently, Buddhist terms are surprised and laughing with strange translations :scream::rofl::joy:
Japanese use it without recognizing it as a Buddhist term :thinking:

三昧 = zanmai
“Tendency to do so”
“Addicted to that thing.”
“Leave the mind. You want unlimited, ○○ unlimited”

三昧 = sanmai
”arrive at a deep awareness of things ”
”The Buddha is said to have attained full enlightenment.”
”Frontiers of enlightenment”

Meaning changes in how to read even the same “kanji”

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@todoroki34 Thank you for the explanation. 三昧 was difficult to figure out. Sometimes I can separate two kanji and find a meaningful translation from the literal translation, but often the compound phrase will mean something completely different. Oddly on tenkara websites I often find kanji that seem to have originated from Buddhism, but the meaning there means something else, as concept change over time and was adapted to a new meaning, I think.

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It’s a wonderful interpretation !
Even Japanese people forget their true meaning :disappointed_relieved:

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