Park City Utah

I was in Park City last week and it’s a very nice town. I fished the Provo, Bear River, Huntington Cr, Big Cottonwood and Hayden. I might have hit a couple of smaller creeks but don’t remember the names. Fish caught were rainbows, brookies, browns and at least two different cutthroat varieties.

I brought a total of 5 rods: Daiwa Sagiri 45, TBum traveler 39, Sakura Seki Rei, TBum 36 and a TUSA Iwana (which I never used). I did try a few different flies on the first day and of course a Utah killer bug but didn’t catch anything with it. So I switched over to my usual maine coon kebari and that’s all I used the rest of the trip. Enough blabbing, here’s some photos:


Sounds like it was a great trip. Nice photos, but we need a photo of the now famous Maine Coon Kebari!

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I’ll have to get a pic of one of them :grin:

Beautiful creeks…

Great trip. You took five fishing rods, did you manage to catch everyone? Did you find time for all fishing rods?

@Vladimir The size of the river usually determined what rod I was using and I would carry a second one as a backup . The Daiwa Sagiri 45 was used most often .

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@Rob, a beautiful river, clear water, I also use rods 4-4.5 meters more often.

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