Patterns for Redfin Perch?

G’day team,

Does anybody here target Redfin Perch?
If so, what fly patterns have been successful?

I’m not really up with the terminology of fly patterns so pictures would be greatly appreciated.



I target perch (redfins) here in the UK. In fact I have done for many years, but usually with a very light lure rod, using jig flies tied by me. However since i became a Tenkara only angler two years ago I have caught them on flies. All my success has been with a beaded pheasant tail nymph. In sizes 16-20, which is probably too small for Oz. I suggest you start with a size 14.

I would think that you should be able to buy beaded pheasant tail nymphs over there as it is a pretty universal fly.

Here are a couple of beaded pheasant tail nymphs taken from my fly box. Both have caught perch so please excuse the rough example of my flies…

The top one has a Copper 2mm tungsten bead and the other a gold 2.5mm tungsten bead.

However most flies with a bit of 'flash" will attract perch.

Now that your Winter is arriving may I suggest you start tying. It is not hard and very satisfying, also it keeps you out of the pub when you can’t fish! :grinning: More money to spend on fishing. :+1:

You will find that YouTube has 100s of good examples of what to do. If you take my advice DO NOT buy a general flytying kit as you will probably pay a lot for stuff you don’t need. Spend time researching, unless you have a mate who can show you, then select a few flies you want to tie and buy the materials and tools you need for them, building up your gear as you go. However the sort of ‘one fly kits’ - - that @CM_Stewart sells is an ideal way to go. You will however need a vise. Personally I would buy a cheap one until you know if tying is for you, then when a bit more proficient look round for a decent one that will last you years.

Sorry I have ‘gone on’ a bit. Have fun.


PS. I am sure there are kebari patterns that some members use for perch and similar species in the USA, which will be equally good for you. However I do have a ‘soft spot’ for the Pheasant Tail nymph and its variations as it was one of the first flies I tied and caught fish with a few years ago - 1968 to be precise.

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These are great patterns David and I will tie some up tonight and give them a try. You did an excellent job making them.
Thank you for sharing them with us. :smile_cat:

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Fantastic, thanks David for the advice!
I have seen similar patterns at the shop, I’ll give them a go soon.

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