Photography- here we go!

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I’ve been shooting pretty seriously for a long-ass time. Started off with film, got my first SLR in '98, a Canon EOS Rebel G.
First digital (anything) in 2004, Canon EOS 20D.
Since then I’ve shot Canon, Nikon (CaNikon from here on out), Olympus, Panasonic, Leica, Sony, I’m sure I’m leaving something out… I’ve had stints of film, but at this point i’m 100% digital. There are 3 or 4 film cameras/systems I would love to shoot again, namely Leica rangefinders. I have never had another camera or system that was as “romantic”, for lack of better term, than the Leica M2’s I had. They were amazing. A close second was the Canon P, a really cheap old Canon leica screwmount that offers 95% the experience of similar vintage Leica for like 20% of the cost, if that.
Anyways, I digress. Film is simply too expensive and laborious a workflow for me to enjoy at this point. I could develop my own black and white, which I have, but I’d then have to scan. Scanning film is one of the least enjoyable things I’ve ever done. Sending it off to a pro lab for “scanveloping” as I call it, is like $16/roll. Add that in to $4-$10 for the cost of the film, that’s freaking pricey.

I have essentially given up on SLRs. I had LASIK done (by the Air Force) back in 2012, and it lowered my low-light visual acuity. In good light I am 20-15 to 20-20, but I have a hard time using SLR viewfinders in bad light these days. Modern electronic viewinders (EVF) are much easier for me.

I just picked up a Fuji XE1. They are dirt cheap. I’m giving Fuji another chance (did an X100 several years ago and didn’t like it). I’m shooting a dirt cheap Chinese lens on it- an unbranded 25mm f1.8 that was $74.

That is my flickr. I don’t post a whole lot, mostly use it as an alt backup location, and it’s where I upload most the stuff that I share on forums and stuff.

Last week John Vetterli (he’s not on here is he?) and I were going back and forth on FB about the Fuji cameras. He just got an XT2 which looks to be an awesome camera.
They just announced the XT20 which is a cheaper model, but still has awesome 4K video, awesome autofocus, great low light shooter.
I think I’m gonna get a lens or two here soon (tax return) and keep an eye on the XT20 for reviews. Might be my next camera.

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Haha, no problem @Chris_Lynch. Glad to make this someplace people want to make their own.

I’ve tried several times over the years to get into photography, but in the end other things end up taking priority for me. Mainly, for me that means fishing, cooking and hiking. Okay, fine. Drinking too.

The only camera I currently have left is an old Mamiya medium format with three or four odd lenses laying around. Haven’t touched it for a few years actually. I keep being encouraged to get rid of it because I use it so little now, but for now it’s just one of those things.

I’ve used/had Canon, Pentax, Leica (wish I never would have sold that :disappointed:), Sony and a few odd no-names in there too. I haven’t seriously done anything with a camera in about 10 years. I used to love portraits and developing my own film. That was a long time ago.

What Mamiya is it?


do you have the 80mm f1.9 lens? That may have been specifically for the 645e…

when you are ready let me know.

@Chris_Lynch Haha no. Funny you ask because, years ago (late 90’s or early 00’s) I bought one on eBay all excited about it and it ended up being a cheap knock off! Thankfully the seller refunded my money, but I was pretty upset for a while.

@anon85570673 Thanks, I’ll keep it in mind. I just don’t have the heart to give it up yet. The nostalgia and memories associated with it make it hard to do. And I don’t feel that way about much.

I could never afford, well at least not justify, a full size Leica camera. I have a Leica Mini Zoom 35mm film camera I purchased 20 some years ago. The pictures taken outside were just stunning. Inside photos were also good, but it was the outside photos that really grabbed your attention. Which I attribute to the lens, and the metering system. It makes a horrible sound when you take a photo. Sounds like the gears of grinding to failure, but it kept on working. Haven’t used it for years not since local stores stopped carrying film. The below website claims perhaps the camera was made by another manufacturer and only sold with the Leica name. Maybe that is only half way true. I know the BMW F650 motorcycles were basically the Aprilla Pegaso 650, but BMW did a lot of engine tweaks that made the F650 a much different bike. Whatever the truth is photos taken with it were a step above photos I took with other full sized SLR film cameras I owned at the same time. All I needed as a casual photographer.

I got rid of all my film cameras in the move except for a Pentax spotmatic. That was my dad’s. I shoot primarily with my iphone now but I have a couple nice compact digitals when I feel like putting some effort into it:

Two Sigma Merrils a DP2 and a DP3 and a Ricoh GR

I’m really grooving on that DP3 @anon85570673. How do you like it? I have been thinking about something like that for while I’m out fishing and hiking. I had been thinking about either the Fujifilm X-M1 or XE-2 or the Sony NEX-7, but hadn’t done anything about it. Now that I’m getting a blog up and going more seriously (more on that coming soon!), I’m thinking about it again.

They are incredible cameras but if you know anything about them you know their limitations including how they chew through batteries. For field use this is a serious consideration. But if you come from a film background you know how to maximise your shots. They are not for the caual shooter and a more of a niche thing…but then again you found your way to Tenkara so you might really enjoy Merrils. Personally I love the results and have dragged mine to the High Sierra and Iceland with a bag full of batteries. I have also hacked a large battery pack to power mine and have found them to be worth the effort. There tends to be plenty floating around used… I bought both of mine that way. I love taking pictures from High spots in the mountains with them, the detailed results are beautiful to get lost in later when reminiscing over past trips.


Changes in technology is pushing large changes in cameras and photography, good and bad. Both of these videos are kind of long, about 30 minutes, but interesting accessment of the changes happening with photography and camera offerings.

I found the above video after first finding this one that was posted just a few days ago. (the top video was posted Sept 2016) No Nikon is not failing as the company reaches it’s 100th year, but the points he makes about the troubles at Nikon are also being faced by other camera companies which he also includes in his opinions.

I can understand a lot of the points he makes because I worked for many years for a diagnostic imaging company, and about 21 years ago camera tubes started going away, film started going away, and everything began to be done digitally, and connected to the intranet. My employer and our competitors were all scrambling to change from being hardware driven to being software driven, and needed to attract software developers to remain competitive.

I was really kind of surprised to hear him say that Nikon jumped in to compete with Go Pro, but they arrived after Go Pro was already on the decline. Lot of changes coming.


Canon is still the big name in cameras, but it won’t stay that way for long if they don’t start to innovate and compete with modern technologies.
Canon makes some of the best sensors for video, but they routinely hobble their lower-end/affordable cameras with terrible bitrates, uncompetitive resolutions, hell even the new 5DmkIV can’t shoot 4K video with its full frame sensor readout.

I have zero brand allegiance these days. Currently shooting a Fuji and i’m still not completely sold on it lol.

Just sold my Fuji setup as there were a few little quirks that weren’t working for me, plus I miss full frame, and also Voigtlander just announced a new lens that sounds great to me- a small native Sony mount 35mm f1.4… I’m guessing it’ll be around $1000 though.
Shopping around for a cheap Sony A7. Buddy of mine in Okinawa may sell me his for a good price, and I have a buddy in Korea checking the local market as well.

I almost bought one of those last summer. A friend had one and for the most part loved it. Although she had some issues with noise. I tried researching the issue online but never found much written about it that was all that serious.

I’ve had 2 or 3 A7’s in the past. They are a great compact full frame camera for somewhat cheap.
They aren’t the best in low light but they are pretty good. I regularly shot mine at 6400-12000 with decent results.

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well i made it almost 3 months with the A7. The same things that irritated me in the past still irritated me now lol. The Sony lens family is better, but I still find myself looking at lenses that are more than I should be spending, and debating upgrade path options, none of which are affordable haha.

Sold the A7, 28mm f2.0, and pair of Canon FD lenses w/ adapters.

Bought a used Sony RX100 mk4 from lens rentals ( and am sticking the rest of the petty cash in the vacation fund. This camera will be just about perfect for fishing and hiking, much more chill to carry in my pocket or bag full-time. Will also shoot really really good video (4K) and has a nice built-in lens (24-70mm equivalent).

Well i made is a month with the super point and shoot.
Every time I get a point and shoot, the same thing happens. It’s not “enough” camera for me, and generally i hate the slower startup time, waiting for the lens to extend.

Sold the RX100. Bought Canon EOS M2 and 22mm f2.0 from Japan (had a buddy pick it up from store and is mailing to me), Canon 10-18mm and 50mm f1.8 from the canon store (refurb). Adapter to use normal EOS lenses via ebay (used, third party). Total price ~$600, or pretty much what I had into the RX100. This gives me about the smallest camera with a “real” sensor possible. Decent video and stills (i honestly really like the look from Canon jpgs straight out of camera), alright AF, small size when that is the chief concern (the 22mm is a pancake)… Touchscreen with a REALLY great UI. The 10-18mm is one of my favorite lenses of all time, it’s an outrageous bargain.

This is what the basic camera and 22mm pancake looks like:

The trip my wife and i took back in october to japan/hk, i took a simple EOS M kit.

Here are some photos from when I was last in Korea, shooting a Canon SL1 (smalllll DSLR, same sensor as M2) and the 10-18mm:

Alley by Chris Lynch, on Flickr

Jeonju_Market by Chris Lynch, on Flickr

711 by Chris Lynch, on Flickr

Hotel by Chris Lynch, on Flickr

Trains by Chris Lynch, on Flickr

SL1_Namdaemun by Chris Lynch, on Flickr

Honestly I’m probably more excited about this small setup than I should be haha.
In other news, I’m working on lining up my next tour in Korea. Volunteering, to get out of the assignment I’m currently on (long long story which i won’t get into, but basically I don’t have a job here anymore), and try to get my family to Japan afterwards.

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Canon menus after the Sony GUI do feel like a godsend…

I spotted on instagram you’re now back I the A7 camp? @Chris_Lynch