Plans for 2023?

Is it too early to ask what everyone’s plans are for 2023? Try out a new rod (or three), hit new waters, perhaps experiment with a new technique? Or will it be finding comfort and therapy in the familiar?

Would love to read about what everyone is scheming. :wink:

Personally, I’m very excited for the upcoming year. I’d like to finally do a bit more travel, and get back out West, preferably the Rockies. For whatever the reason, the stars didn’t align for me to fish in the Mountain or Pacific time zones… and I do miss cutties. Trips to western North Carolina/Tennessee and the Driftless are a given.

I’d also like to do a bit more unweighted, wet fly fishing. I guess tenkara as it’d be recognized “traditionally.” I found myself fixed line nymphing a lot this past year, which was very fun and productive, but a changeup to add some variety & challenge is always enjoyable.

Side note: We have a lot in the plans over at Tenkara Angler, which excites me for different reasons. Hopefully that finds you all well as it is released!


Good thread.

  1. I got a Hellbender for Christmas and I’m excited to fish it. Plan to try some small streamers even to target bigger fish.

  2. I fished 21 days in 2022 (barring a last minute trip in the next couple days). I’d like to get to at least 35 days next year.

  3. I’d like to take at least 2 multi day trips, ideally backpacking/fishing.

  4. I fished 6 new streams in 2022. I’d like to match that or beat it in 2023.


What can be said at the end of 2022. I became a grandfather! I changed my job, I will start a new job in 2023. Three new rods are waiting for the opening of summer fishing. In 2023 there will be a big entry of pink salmon - it will be an interesting fishing trip!


Winter fishing! There’s some nice tail water with wild browns about an hour away from me. I’m going to finally check it out. That’s my plan for the first quarter of 2023 at least.

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Mike, looking forward to the Tenkara Driftless Campout. Hope to see you there.

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Washington is the only contiguous western state I haven’t fished, so I plan on heading there this year (and my DMs are open if anyone has creek recommendations anywhere in the Cascades!). I’m also planning a trip to the southern Appalachians, although fishing won’t be the main focus, so we’ll see what happens on that front. I recently moved to western Wyoming from eastern Idaho, so I’m a little bit closer to Colorado now and will fish there more. Apart from that, lots of looking for new streams in my usual haunts (Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, etc.).




Me too. You’ll see me there. Wouldn’t miss it!

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I am hoping to get a small stream rod.
I am hoping for a couple overnight hiking/camping/fishing trips with ultralight camping gear. One trip will be to catch Golden Trout in one of the lakes located in my homeland of Alberta.


I officially retire Jan 3, 2023 and I am planning on finally completing the Arizona Wild Trout Challenge. The Wild Trout Challenge - catch all five species of wild trout in AZ: Gila, Apache, brown, brook and rainbow. The other Arizona Trout Challenge is to catch 6 of the eight species in the state: the five named in the Wild trout challenge, plus cutthroat, tiger, and grayling. I will focus on the wild trout first… :slight_smile:


Congrats on retirement. I stopped working in April this year and it feels amazing


Thank you Mike. Indeed… looking forward to doing a serious reset on the schedule. More fishing :slight_smile: less everything else.

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Congratulations Vladimir!!! There is nothing more satisfying than looking after a grandchild. I have 3 grandchildren (2 boys and 1 girl) and it is so much fun looking after them and teaching them. The very best to you my friend and your grandchild. :baby_symbol:

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Alan, it’s nice to have another member join the retired club.


Thanks Mike, yes, grandchildren are fun, and granddaughters are just happiness. It remains to wait until the under grows and choose a fishing rod.:blush:

Nice, do you have one in mind?

Congratulations on becoming a Grandpa!!

Also Pinks (aka Humpies) are a thing around here too. Anxiously awaiting your report!

Aging has presented my wife and I with some challenges over the past two years. My physicians currently have not placed any restrictions on activities I wish to undertake. I am hoping the Mrs & I can begin travelling together again to beautiful destinations where she can quilt and knit and I can fish. I also want to resume hiking and backpacking fishing trips, and someone to do it with. My longtime (but 6 yrs younger) backpacking-fishing friends have come to that point in their lives where it’s no longer as desirable for them. And younger, more recent hiking fishing friend has had a fire arise in him over the last few months that I may not be able to keep up with. Staying hopeful for opportunities in 2023!

Happy New Year! And may you find it fulfilling!



I would love to join you on your challenge. I am retired and love to Tenkara fly fish. Your quest is super exciting to me.