Please leave politics out

This is just a friendly reminder to please leave politics off the forum, regardless of what they are or where they’re from.

I think it’s safe to say that most people come to the forum to get away from politics and the other junk in life and talk about something we’re excited about like tenkara, with other people who share that with us; regardless of where they live or what they believe.

I also understand we are all living with the effects of COVID19 and the decisions of those in power, wherever we live in the world. Regardless of what our worldview is or where we live, there’s plenty to be unhappy about right now. We all need a happy escape, albeit temporary.

Please, for the mental peace of us all, let’s try and keep politics to a minimum. One reason I think this forum is successful is because people here are so friendly, open and, generous. In other forums that I’ve been on in the past, politics is often where things turn ugly. Let’s leave politics to the politicians, or at least to other outlets.

Thank you.


I agree. Thanks for the reminder.
I have, during my short period here, appreciated the lack of “debates” about politics, religion, etc.
I respect you all and I don’t want that to change. :wink:


Yes yes yes!
I am in complete agreement with your policy.
I’ve seen enough of these type forums rapidly self destruct over the inability or unwillingness to keep politics and religion out.


This forum has politics running all through it.

Not Republican and Democrat but “other” types of politics.

Fishing politics.

You can make all the rules in the world, rules rules rules but the idea should be to support people policing themselves.

No personal attacks.

I am here for the title of the site, that topic.

I want to share in that topic.

But politics?


I assure you, it’s best if you focus on your topic but resist trying to control people. Support them controlling themselves.

It’s none of my business how you wish to conduct your web site. But I’ll tell you what I think, I learn far more from no fences than I do in a box.

Good luck with no politics.

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