Pre-Thanksgiving fishing for wild Missouri trout

At my in-laws in Missouri for the holiday, but I managed to sneak out for a couple days of fishing. Missouri has nine “blue ribbon” trout streams, which are managed to produce trophy-sized trout and/or to protect wild reproduction of trout in delicate habitats. I fished two of these (Mill Creek and Little Piney Creek), which are smaller spring creeks.

First day was slow with only 3-4 small fish. Second day on Little Piney was amazing though. Easily a 25 fish day in only about 3 hours.

Fun fact, there are wild McLeod Redbands in several small Missouri creeks. Beautiful fish.

Mill Creek

Little Piney


Mike, these are some beautiful rainbows. The colorization in these fish are amazing. What fly/kebari were you using?

I was fishing a dry/dropper. Caught about 60% on a bead head pheasant tail nymph and the rest on a very light colored caddis.


Many thanks for the info. I’m always curious about what flies anglers use to catch fish.