Price reduced! Tenkara Yard Sale (two hand rod)


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I’m selling off much of my quiver.

NOT getting out of the sport, quite the opposite, I need more gear, this stuff does not get used.

These rods are in great shape. A few of them have no fish on them which I will designate in the individual listings.

Shimano 7.5-8m Zoom Two Hand Bait rod, 9m shooting line, 24" Class V sinking head $195 Shipped

This is a expensive but used rod, I am selling with a NEW Shimano tamo (net and leash) and line kit. The rod comes with a rod sock.

Super fun and talk about giant casts and reach! I have purchased this rod to use as a fixed line rod for fly fishing with a floating line tactics. Essentially trading the reel for the long length of rod and line, one trade off for another…

More about the rod can be found HERE.

Daiwa insulated creel (very cool) $60 shipped

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Вот это распродажа!!! Адам,а на Россию это распространяется? Могут русские рыбаки покупать? Или к этой цене + доставка?

ну, чего ты хочешь? пришлите мне свой адрес, и я проверю стоимость доставки. это будет дополнительная плата, если мы сможем это сделать.

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I’ll take the Zerosum 3.2! SOLD!
Are you shipping USPS? Will include note with my paypal payment with contact info for other shippers.

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Thank you!

Instructions sent.

A heads up for anyone waffling about one of these items. My rod is everything promised. Absolutely perfect.
Could not be happier to get a rod I’ve coveted for a while at a good savings!

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Hey that was cool of you.

Many thanks.

I just bought 2 rods from Adam. They were in immaculate condition (I mean like brand new). Adam immediately
e-mailed me back when I asked a question about the rods. Once I sent payment the rods were mailed right
away. I was so impressed that I also purchased the Mankyu Tamo net. If you ever see Adam selling something;
BUY IT!!! It will be in perfect condition. Thank you, Adam.


That is really nice of you to say.

I believe in treating others the way you want them to treat you.

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All items sold.

Please delete.

Thank you so much!

All sold