[PURCHASED] WTB Nissin Zerosum 320 7:3

I’m looking to pick up a shorter rod and I’m interested in trying out the Zerosum series. Anyone have a 320 7:3 that they’re willing to part with?

That’s one of Nissin’s top premium rods. They are amazing rods to cast. I hope you find one.

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Hello Guenther, I got mine from:

I’ve gotten a few rods from them.
I just checked and they have it in stock $187.82 + fedex
good luck!

Thanks for sharing, I’ve not shopped with North-One before. I’ll wait around a few weeks to see if anyone comes up with a used one. after that I’ll try retail.

Good luck with your quest. It’s a killer rod.

Would you be interested in a 6:4?
As much as I love this Zerosum I’ve really got way too many rods.
It’ll cast beautifully a line as light as a 2.0

The 6:4 seems like a great option too. I’ll send you a PM.