[PURCHASED] WTB tusa rhodo

Does anyone want to do some spring cleaning and sell me their TUSA rhodo?

My daughter and I have been fishing more together, it would be a great rod for her and better than what she currently has.

Let me know what you have. Thanks.

I don’t have that, but I have a Nissan Royal Stage 360 7:3 in excellent condition that she’ll never grow out of. It retails for $215 but for a father/daughter fishing situation $120 PayPal & I’ll pay the shipping.

Thank you James. I will definitely consider it if I dont get any responses. The Zoom is a feature I am looking for.

Dragontail Tenkara offers 4/5 different zoom rods at a great price and replacement tips are cheap. Also Tenkara Rod Company has a zoom rod but it is a little more expensive and Tenkara USA just dropped the price of their Rhodo by $50 bucks.
The Dragontail Mizuchi zoom is a great little rod that is similar to the Rhodo. Hope this helps.

Thank you Mike.

I have a special spot in my being for tusa rods. Even after a half dozen years and fishing several other rods, most of them Japanese, including my current favorite the nissin royal stage, i still prefer the tusa rods. I have a sato and a rhodo since my tenkara beginings. They are so durable and wonderful fish fighting blanks that i really have little curiosity about other brands. They are not precision casting rods but more like an old pair of slippers. Comfortable and dependable.

If that rhodo can withstand what i have done to it without it failing, i think it will be fanastic for my daughter.

I just bought one on facebook for 125 and it is mint with spare parts. It was what i was hoping for. I actually bought one a several months ago for 80…it too was mint condition. I should have kept it for myself, but I offered it to a close friend of mine who did not own a small stream rod.

I will be closing this thread when the rod arrives.

There is something that can be learned by fishing one rod. A lot of folk go through rods quickly. I really believe it takes a few seasons of dedicated use to fully understand a rod.


I’m really glad you could get your hands on the Rhodo at a great deal. I hope you and your daughter have a blast and make many great memories. I started my daughter, Camilla, fly fishing at age 6 with help. My wife took a picture of us right before Camilla caught her first brook trout and I will never forget that memory ( size #12 Dave Whitlock’s yellow grasshopper pattern). Take care my friend.