Purple: The King of Colors

Well, winter is coming around again. And purple fly patterns seem to show special effectiveness in the colder months of the year. But, for sure, that’s not the only time purple fly patterns are especially effective.


I will give this a try this coming weekend on some brook trout. Thanks for the info.

One purple fly I have fished with for years is the Snipe & purple. I never had it off my cast, probably one of my most successful flies. It is not just a spider for the river but also a cracking lake fly too - in size 12.

The other day I was tying a few flies and came across some holographic purple tinsel. Thinking of Karl’s post I had a ‘play’.Below is the result . All it is is purple thread, a jackdaw scalp hackle and purple holographic tinsel.

Looks like a highly effective fly pattern to me. Something you might give some thought to to make that purple pattern even more effective, Hareline sells packs of natural peacock eyes dyed black, which darkens the Herl and gives it very iridescent purple highlights, wrapped in as a thorax behind the hackle it will give the hackle fibers some support so that they will not collapse down flat against the hook shank in the current or when pulsing the fly. Give it a try and see what the fish think…Karl.

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