PVC Lines - Anyone Making Them From WF Fly-lines

I have a an old 6WF line, do you think the running line section would make a good PVC T-dry fly line for a Hellbender rod? I know it’s thicker then what the dealers are selling as PVC tenkara line, however I’m thinking it will float higher due to increased diameter and could handle the larger 10 to 8 size dries I would like to cast better. My only concern is, if the line would overload the rod and tip.


I don’t think the line would overload the Hellbender. It has a stiffer action. Make the line and see how it casts. Then report back what you found. We’d love to hear your results.

Will do Tom, thank you!

So I made up the line. 14’ of fly line, 2’ of 3.5 level line. I tried it with 4’ of 4x tippet and a size 10 March Brown dry. Casts effortlessly. The Hellbender felt like it could handle a line twice that length. Should be a winner for the March Brown / Green Drake hatch this May.


Thats great to hear! I’ve been looking for something like this for stillwater/warmwater fishing for small bass!

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