I know this topic was on Tenkara-fisher before the shutdown but I would like to see it here also. I liked seeing what everyone else was fishing with. No need to go into much detail about your reasons for having a specific set of rods, but, by all means, please elaborate if you wish:


Tenkara USA Iwana
Nissin Royal Stage 6:4 400
Tenkarabum 36
Suntech GM Suikei Keiryu Special 39
Daiwa Kiyose 43M
Daiwa Sagiri 39MC
Daiwa Sagiri 45MC

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Great idea @R_Ruff. It was one of my favorite threads too.

Tanuki 275
Shimano LLS33
Suntech FM-X Keiryu 45
Suntech GM Suikei Keiryu Special 39

I currently own the following:

  • TUSA Iwana 11
  • TUSA Rhodo
  • TUSA Sato
  • TUSA Ebisu
  • TUSA Ayu II
  • TUSA Ito
  • Badger WISCO
  • Sakura Kongo Betuatsurae
  • Dragontail Hellbender
  • TenkaraBum 36
  • Tanuki 275 Killer Bee
  • Tenkara Customs 12’ w/ Winn Grip

Of the above, the Sato (trout) & Hellbender (warmwater/bass) probably get the most regular use.
The Iwana 11’ was my first rod purchased in 2009, I fished it almost exclusively through 2013.

I’ve found most rods from companies with recognizable names are putting out more than capable tenkara rods, so I focus most of my purchases around people I have met over the past 7 years and become friendly with.
I like to support those that support the community.
Not going to lie, a few were gifts or provided for my use at no charge.

At some point I’ll probably consolidate and sell-off a few…but in no rush.

I’ve recently changed mine up a bit.

Daiwa Soyokaze 27SR (will be getting 21 and/or 24 handles from Keiichi)
Daiwa Seiryu-X 35
Nissin Sakon 36, will soon have a red Ukon #3 section that i’m getting via @CM_Stewart
Nissin 450ZX Medium

I am not sure what rod, if any, I “need” next. I am pretty sure I’m covered for all my local and local-ish waters. It would take a big move for me to need something that isn’t covered here.
I’m tempted to try the Nissin Fine Mode Nagare 330, as it is dirt cheap on amazon.jp and stupid soft, but then again it’s also a 7X rod and I don’t like that game anymore haha.
I think the Suntech GM27 looks awesome, but my Soyokaze works just fine.
Between Seiryu-X 35 and Sakon 36, just about any stream I can fish with those rods is covered… Bust out the 450ZX if I need more muscle.

I have:

Tenkara rods:
Tanuki 375*
Oni, type I
Tenryu TF39TA
Sakura Seki Rei 36
Shimotsuke Ten
Nissin Air Stage Fujiryu 5:5 360*
Nissin Air Stage Honryu 380*
Nissin Royal Stage 7:3 360*
Nissin Royal Stage 7:3 400
Nissin Pro Spec 7:3 360*
Nissin Pro Spec 7:3 320
Nissin Zerosum Oni Honryu 395
Try 360
WaterShed 300Z
Gamakatsu Multiflex Suimu 4.0
Gamakatsu Tenkara Midori 3.8
TUSA Ebisu
Shimano Mainstream ZE
Zen Suzume*
Dragontail Shadowfire

Seiryu rods:
Daiwa Soyokaze 21, 24, 27, 31
Daiwa Sagiri 39MC*
Daiwa Sagiri 45MC
Gamakatsu Ryokei 360*
Gamakatsu Ryokei 390*
Gamakatsu Ryokei 450

Keiryu rods:
Suntech Fine Power NP56
Suntech Keiryu Suikei Sawanobori 63
Suntech Suikei Keiryu Special 39*
Suntech Suikei Keiryu Special 44
Shimotsuke Kiyotaki 24

Carp rods:
Nissin Kyogi 54

  • rods I fish the most.
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Nissin mini 300
Nissin Oni 450
Nissin Oni 395
Nissin Zerosum 320
Daiwa Sagiri 39MC
Daiwa Sagiri 45 MC
Daiwa Enshou LL 36 SF
Daiwa Enshou LT 36 SF
Daiwa Soyokaze 27SR
Daiwa Soyokaze 24SR
Daiwa Seiryu X 45
Shimotsuke Kiyotaki 24
Suntech Suikei Tenkara Bum 36
Suntech Kurenai GM HM 30R
Suntech GM Keiryu Special 27
Oni Type I Bamboo
Oni Type II
Oni Type III camo
Tanuki 275

I have:-

Esoteric Tackle ( http://esoterictackle.co.uk/15-tenkara ) Tenkara Zoom 245cm/206cm (8’/6’9")
Esoteric Tackle - Tenkara Rod 410cm (13ft 6in) 6:4
Tenkara Times ( http://www.tenkaratimes.com/ ) - 1st Step360 3.65m/12’
Tenkara Centre UK ( http://www.tenkaracentreuk.com/ ) - Masu 11’
Shimotsuke Kyotaki 39 13’

Oni Type I
Oni Type III
Oni 395
Tanuki 325
Tenkara Times Watershed 330 (300z)

The Type 1 and 3 are for unweighted dries/wets/kebari in different size streams. The 395 and Tanuki are for the addition of beadhead Nymphs. The Watershed is for really tight streams.

I want some type of rod for Carp, probably a stiffer keiryu rod than an actual carp rod but that purchase is behind a decent list of things I’d rather buy first.

stream rods:
TUSA rhodo
TenkaraBum 36

river rods:
Suntech GM Suikei Keiryu Special 53
Nissin Zerosum Oni Honyru 450

Carp rod:
Nissin Flying Dragon 530

For my purposes I really dig my lineup.

The Suntech GM Suikei Keiryu Special 53 was a 2017 addition…I cannot wait to get that thing loaded up with a nice fish.
I have casted it on the water, it has a really nice feel and delivery.

The Nissin Flying Dragon 530 rod was a reaction purchase when I had a 26’ salmon on the sato.
I targeted salmon again this past fall for a couple sessions but they did not cooperate. I have been using the rod to goof off in the salt.
This season, I want to find out how big of a striped bass I can catch with it. Last year I had a couple micros and some other salt species.

That sounds like some fun. You’ll have to let us know how it goes.

The rods that are in my case when I go out.
Nissin Royal Stage Tsubomi 340
Suntech Kurenai HM30R
Nissin Fine Mode kosansui 270

I do add to these but rarely take away. :smiley:

I have been currently using the Zerosum 4.5m 6:4 for big stocked fish. I’m loving this rod very much and I am happy to be casting it. I am looking forward to doing some wintertime brown trout hunting with it. Super rod, dig it.

But my quiver is as follows…

Nissin Mini 2.7 - 3.6 - 4.5 for travel <— grabbing these if the house catches fire.
Tenkara USA Ito - Rhodo and a Ebisu (first Tenkara rod, for fun)
Daiwa HZ 40 Sebata-san Rod | Lines | Kebari (system)
Tenryu TA 39
Nissin Zerosum 3.2 - 4.5m (6:4)

Shimano 6m triple zoom bait rod
Shimano 8m zoom bait rod

Various Sakura Rods…

Suntech GM Keiryu Special 27
Suntech GM Keiryu Special 44
Daiwa Kiyose 53m

Suntech makes such damn fine rods. Chasing real big fish recently with the 44 and catching 4lb 26in bows on 6x. Absolutely amazing rod and I love the different RFIs at all three lengths. I nymph mainly but fish kebaris the other 40% of the time and these rods will handle any flies and any lines. Eventually I’d love to have all the Keiryu Specials and the Kurenais but I have to get my better half to ok that. The trusty kiyose is my big water weapon. Id like to own the Sagiris in the near future as well.

Hey @ColinSlack. Welcome to the forum! Those are some seriously big rainbows and has got to be a lot of fun.

Haha. Join the club.

Minor update:

Daiwa Seiryu-X 35
Daiwa Soyokaze 27 w/ 20 and 24 handles, plus spare top two sections :slight_smile:

Nissin Sakon 36 with #3 section from Ukon (so it’s the yellow rod, with a red section where I broke it on the big fish)
Nissin Pro Spec 320 2-Way 7:3

Shimotsuke Kiyotaki 18… Just picked this up from Amazon.jp for $29 shipped lol. SMALL stream disposable rod!

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TUSA Rhodo
Suntech Suikei Keiryu Special 39

While I’d love to come up with a reason to buy another rod or three, I don’t really have one at this point. These two rods cover pretty much everything I need right now. Perhaps something a big longer if I start chasing smallmouths in rivers this summer…and perhaps an Oni Type I bamboo handle, simply because it’s so damn pretty. I don’t really have much desire to try out a bunch of different rods though since the two I have work just fine.

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haha another update:

Seiryu-X 35 and 45.
Soyokaze 27SR, with 24 and 20 handles.
Pro Spec 2-way 320 7:3
Keiryu-X 30

I’ve still got the S-X (Seiryu-X) 35, but added the 45. I love them both. I would stab a stranger in publix for a 27 or 29 version of this rod.
Still have the Soyokaze 27, it’s still pretty dang awesome. Fun with just about all sizes of fish that I usually catch (2 to 10" for the most part). I haven’t fished it in the shorter versions yet.
Sold the Sakon as it didn’t bend as deeply as I liked with my average fish, but had issues with some of the bigger fish I seldom encounter. Never fell in love with it, other than how beautiful it was.
Still have the Pro Spec 320 7:3, it’s my wife’s. I still think the Pro Specs are the best value Japanese rod for a beginner.
Sold the Kiyotaki to a local buddy just starting out, he wanted something for small streams and small fish.

Just ordered a Keiryu-X 30. Found a nice price at the right time (payday haha), it should be here in a few days. This will be a niche rod for me. Bigger fish in small-ish water. There are a few streams in N GA that are known for their scarce, but present, big browns (20"+). There are also places here in AL where I can encounter fat bass, bowfin, and gar. I want to have something that I can reasonably target these fish with, and also fit within the narrow confines of the streams and “ditches” that I often fish.

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I’ve had the Keiryu-X for a while now, and landed some fish on it. It’s not terribly exciting, but it exactly fills the niche that i bought it for- heavy flies and big fish.

Just now I was cruising amazon jp and saw the Royal Stage Tenkara 320 6:4 was marked down a good bit, so I now have one of those on the way.

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Seiryu-X 45
Pro-Spec 2-Way 320 7:3
Shimotsuke Gen 240
Oni Type III

Scooped up a used Type III from Adam Klags :slight_smile:

Sold the Royal Stage to a good buddy to help fund it, passed the savings on to him since he’d asked me to help him find one as soon as he tried it out.


Was wondering when someone would come back to this thread.

Oni type 1
TenkaraBum 40
Daiwa Seiryu-X 35
Suntech Sukei keiryu 39

Looking to likely get a Daiwa Sagiri 45MC this spring, then I think I’ll have everything I want.

I really like the Daiwa and Suntech rods. I haven’t tried a Nissin rod yet, but think I’m okay with that. Unless a deal on a Zerosum 36 comes up that I can’t pass up.