Recommended line length for Seiryu X 45?

Starting my tenkara Year 2 with a new blade: a Daiwa Seiryu X 45, which arrived this morning. I’m planning on stringing it with No. 3 pink Nissin Oni level line.

Any recommendations on length for No. 3 line on this rod?

I know @Chris_Lynch has one, but not sure what line length he uses.

For what it’s worth (not likely much), based on my use of the X35 (don’t have the 45), I’d say 5 - 6m plus your preferred tippet length, but that’s just me. I use both the #2.5 and #3 Oni line with mine and both cast very nicely.

I use mostly rod length, 2.5 Oni line, with 2-3’ of 5x.


Thanks @Chris_Lynch for chiming in.

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Thanks, Chris — your posts inspired me to pick this one up. It’s a lot lighter than I expected. (Hope it’s “robust” enough!) I’m guessing I won’t use it for beadheads at all, just unweighted flies / kebari.

Looking forward to trying it out.

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I beat the crap out of mine. Most of the time it’s rolling around the trunk of my black car here in the heat of Alabama, outside of any kind of protective case.
I fish streamers, poppers, bead heads, dries, really anything with it.
2 weeks ago I caught a ~24" gar with it.

waking this zombie thread. I sold mine to Zoan Kulinski, he’s been catching giant bass and good sized trout with it.

I use a 4.5 m Daiwa floating line with my 45x

Since we resurrected this thread, I’ll update that I ended up using 4.5 meters of #3 Nissin Oni level line with mine. Works great.

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