RIO's Loop Knot Tying Tutorial with Respective Break Strength Tests

Correction: Taking extra wraps does not always (i.e. Improved Knots) make the parent knot stronger. Example - The Double Surgeon’s tests @ 78% of the line’s breaking strength.
The Triple Surgeon’s tests @ 66% of the line’s breaking strength.
While The Perfection Loop tests @ 95% of the line’s breaking strength.
The Bimini Twist Loop Knot is a great knot for attaching very light weight tippets to your line as it tests @ 100% knot strength, but it is, I believe, far more trouble to tie than most Tenkara anglers are going to want to go to.

I want to make a correction: The Double Surgeon’s Knot has a breaking strength of 66% and the Tripple Surgeon’s Knot breaks at 78% of line strength. If you watch the video, it is impossible to tell which knot is being tested, so I am trying to make amends with this update…Karl…

Would you please do a tying tutorial and breaking strength test on the Single and Two Turn Figure 8 Loop Knots?