River Clean Up

Today was the annual river clean up at the Owens River California.

My son found a shopping cart basket. image
We walked 5.9 miles of the river, on a beautiful early spring day image
Afterwards I met up with Luong and Jud and we spent rest of the day tenkara fishing on the river. It was a fantastic day with amazing people, over 100 showed up and filled a large roll off dumpster.


Thank you Tyson for doing this, It is hard to believe so many people leave trash and not carry it out.
Many thanks.

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Nice job! I wish it were early spring here in Idaho :grimacing:

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Gee Tyson, you’re walking around in nice weather and we have a blizzard going on. Will you make it to the Oni School this year?

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Thanks for the thanks, yet I feel guilty getting praise, this should be expected from everyone, it amazes me that people are ok with leaving their trash, fishing line, styrofoam containers. It really saddens me. The silver lining is my son loves to do the clean up, and constantly fills his day pack with trash when he is out by himself. I swell with pride when he comes home and dumps out all this trash and proceeds to filters out recyclables.

David, I cannot afford to go to the Oni school this year, as much as I would love to. My wife’s condition (MS)has taken a turn for the worse, her medications alone are over 100k a year.

Tyson, that sucks. My prayers go with you. Take care.